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iSOCRATES operates and advises on data-driven platforms that manage mission-critical MAdTech technologies and processes.

iSOCRATES meets the needs of the multi-billion dollar MAdTech industry (Marketing Technology plus Advertising Technology) by providing a unique combination of automation and operations technologies and solutions to both supply-side and demand-side clients in the U.S. and globally.

iSOCRATES is the tech-enabled, end-to-end specialist that is the Global Leader in Programmatic Media and Marketing Resource Planning and ExecutionTM serving publishers, marketers, agencies and their suppliers.

The Company has three lines of business:

  • Managed Service Platforms
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Strategic and Operations Consulting

The firm leverages proprietary and non-proprietary technologies to better integrate and manage this diverse, platform-driven ecosystem.  iSOCRATES is well positioned to fill global market needs with proven, affordable, repeatable, and scalable pre-built cross-platform end-to-end solutions supported by expert staff.

iSOCRATES offers these MAdTech solutions:

  • Media Trading and Ad Operations
  • Marketing Automation, Email, Search, and Social
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud
  • Google, Adobe, AppNexus, Amazon, and Zeta Practices
  • Business Intelligence, Reporting and Analytics
  • Data Science and Engineering

The firm is staffed with its own proven technology-enabled marketing and advertising platform specialists 24/7/365 at its own wholly-owned delivery center in Mysuru, Karnataka, India.

Clients save money and time, achieving transparent, accountable performance while receiving extraordinary value. Savings stem from a low-cost, focused global delivery model at scale that benefits from continuous re-investment in technology and specialized training.

The firm is owned by its employees and is headquartered in Saint Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A.

What We Do

iSOCRATES provides end-to-end programmatic solutions which help business leaders address the complex problems inherent in marketing and media automation. With a specialization in Data Analytics and Platform Solutions these solutions deliver higher revenues and dramatically lower operating costs. In other words, iSOCRATES focuses on improving programmatic media and marketing performance efficiency, effectiveness and accountability. Business leaders know there are insufficient proven, relevant professionals and teams available to solve the rapidly changing set of problems they face daily.

iSOCRATES professionals help client marketers, publishers, agencies, and data/technology vendors fill the void caused by insufficient proven, relevant professionals and teams. We meet and overcome the end-to-end challenges of evaluating, planning, deploying, and optimizing programmatic resource planning and execution (PRPETM) tools.

Our subject matter experts, engagement teams, and interim senior managers employ a top-down, bottom-up multidisciplinary, multifunctional approach to solving these problems for clients.

Our company is staffed 24/7/365 by proven specialists saving clients' money and time, achieving transparent, accountable performance while delivering meaningfully greater value.

Who We Are

We are specialists in data and analytics, media content and ad inventory, traditional and digital marketing, and markets. Our leadership team is comprised of proven senior executives with decades of experience leading global digital media and marketing companies.

Who We Serve

Our team works with advertisers, agencies, publishers, and those that support them including data/technology companies, consulting firms, and investment firms.

iSOCRATES Lines of Business

Strategic and Operations Consulting

We leverage our entire team and deeply experienced and well-placed network of iSOCRATES experts for the client’s benefit. Our outcomes-oriented approach is hands-on, not outsourced, theoretical or impractical. Our systematic methods have been developed and proven successful over decades of tough lessons learned and hard earned accomplishments in private entrepreneurial speed-to-market and public company process-oriented environments. iSOCRATES lives on real-time, cloud-based tracking and reporting systems 24x7x365 with an always-on approach to updating and communications availability. iSOCRATES often is its clients’ best source of market/product intelligence and feed back. iSOCRATES prides itself on its transparency and accountability.  Our leadership team has spent decades expecting from ourselves and demanding from our reports directness, responsibility, and living one’s commitments.

Managed Service Platforms

The iSOCRATES Managed Service Platforms business provides essential technology supported by a proven staff of specialists experienced in: yield management, media trading, ad operations, campaign management, audience management, data science, optimizations, operations, analytics, reporting, project management, systems, controls, engineering, and accounting.  iSOCRATES has invested heavily in developing proprietary technology solutions including our DatalyticsTM and DMPaaS for PRPETM products.

Business Process Outsourcing

Operating a flexible 100% controlled onshore-offshore staffing model, iSOCRATES offers clients a broad and deep range of affordable, transparently-priced technology-enabled and/or pure labor-based media and marketing services. These services are available to be performed remotely or on-site with or without supervision.  iSOCRATES offers select U.S. and international clients full-time, dedicated 24x7x365, end-to-end support on a fee-for-service basis.


By 2023, iSOCRATES will become the established, branded global leader in Programmatic Resource Planning and ExecutionTM serving publishers, marketers, agencies and their suppliers.


iSOCRATES operates on the basis of the following core values:

  • We exist to deliver value with our clients coming first
  • To respect individuals and serve others is to lead
  • We will re-invest in innovation, training and education
  • Gains will be shared with all our stakeholders

What “Partner Wisely” means to iSOCRATES

We have your back.

  • When we make a commitment, it’s a real thing. We’re your biggest cheerleader and will do what it takes to ensure you succeed. We’re in your corner fighting for you. To us, “partner wisely” is more than the dictionary definition for “partnership”: a contractual vendor association involving close cooperation between parties having specified and joint rights and responsibilities.

We know our role.

  • We exist to help you compete, to succeed, to make your life easier. To be a good partner is to master deliverables, be a good listener and to pull your own weight…and more.

Partners feel like they can talk to each other about anything, even the difficult stuff. We consider our partners friends.

  • We can say anything we want to each other knowing that we won’t be judged for it or share it with others. If one partner brings up a concern, they know they’ll be heard by the other partner and will try to work it out. If you or we aren’t happy with our role in the relationship, it’s not a partnership. It isn’t a good relationship if you feel like you’re constantly doing stuff you don’t want to do or have goals and objectives that are not being met, or are not realistic to achieve, or when one partner is not being respectful to the other. We legitimately enjoy their company, even on rough days.

We need to be on the same wavelength. We won’t argue with you, but we may have discussions.

  • When we need to talk things out, emotions won’t go bonkers. There’s no shouting, no blowups, no threats of divorce. We won’t hide or be passive-aggressive. We aim to work toward an awesome outcome. Sometimes that’s a compromise. If things can’t be compromised on, we come up with a way to make it work with the same goals in mind and be mindful or take action where needed.

Why does the concept of partnering wisely matter so much to us at iSOCRATES?

  • Because we see and have benefited from the value of true, productive relationships taken to this level of commitment. It’s amazing what can be accomplished and the satisfaction we each can derive when we understand each other and our roles and take pride in making the most of them.

Our History

May, 2015 Founded in Connecticut as MRP Advisers dba MediaTrader; first lines of business: Strategy and Operations Consulting and Media Trading
January, 2018 iSOCRATES in India incorporated as wholly-owned subsidiary; sets up vertically-integrated fully staffed office; Business Process Outsourcing and Managed Service Platforms lines of business added
May, 2018 MRP Advisers re-brands as iSOCRATES; Salesforce Certified Practice begins
June, 2018 iSOCRATES moves HQ to Saint Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A.; initiates Analyst training program
January, 2019 iSOCRATES email and social media practices launch
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