iSOCRATES proudly offers proven, dedicated and cost-effective onshore-offshore 24/7/365 evaluation, selection, implementation, optimization, training, and support for the full range of AppNexus™ products and solutions.

iSOCRATES employees possess many years of hard-earned experience with dozens of client and in-house deployments applying directly relevant skills and capabilities including:

  • AppNexus(TM) development
  • Engineering
  • Data science
  • Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Administration, project management
  • Q&A
  • Technical writing
  • Account management
  • Product management
  • Training

Many of our employees are AppNexus-certified in a wide variety of skills and products. We apply these skills exclusively on behalf of North American and international clients with media and marketing services needs, including publishers, marketers and the firms that support them including agencies, data/technology providers, and other consultants. From its earliest days in business, iSOCRATES has continuously delivered AppNexus™ clients strategic or operational media and marketing consulting, implementation, ongoing process execution, and staff augmentation. From evaluation to contracting, from conducting Fast Start programs to optimization, from ongoing outsourcing to select staff augmentation, iSOCRATES is proud of our track record of
sustained client success.

As marketing and ad operations specialists, we take pride in our extensive up-to-date training and both our current and historical experience with architecting, building, delivering, documenting, and supporting the full range of AppNexus™ products, including:

  • AppNexus DSP(classic and new versions)
  • AppNexus SSP
  • AppNexus Yield Manager
  • AppNexus Viewability
  • AppNexus Tags
  • AppNexus Log-Level Data
  • AppNexus Pre-Bid
  • AppNexus Analytics
  • AppNexus APIs

In-House or Outsourced, let iSOCRATES Help You Plan and Execute

Just as sports equipment can vary by purpose and circumstance, client needs and budgets can vary. Our engagement teams typically:

  • Provide an Assessment, Playbook or Evaluation/Selection/Contracting
  • Optimize and existing instance or process
  • Implement a new instance of a AppNexus™ platform or product
  • Administer and manage all things AppNexus™ end-to-end or as much or as little as the client requires for as long as needed

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