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Empower B2C Campaigns with Precision Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Data analytics and business intelligence are pivotal for you to reach consumers as B2C marketers. Data is your superpower to optimize campaigns, identify customer insights, and make data-driven decisions that lead to better outcomes.

But data-driven insights and marketing investments is easier said than done. Siloed data, expanding ad inventory and data sources, data changes across platforms, and the need to react in near-real time can snowball into a marketing crisis that can derail achieving your organization’s revenue, renewals and new customer goals.

iSOCRATES® is here to help. We specialize in providing comprehensive data analytics and business intelligence services tailored to your unique needs as B2C marketers. We are a team of experienced executives from the Marketing Tech, Advertising Tech and Data Tech industries backed by the technical and engineering talent to help you cut through the clutter of data and constant changes to get the insights, make the right investments, and measure performance that you need to make a significant business impact.

Key Data Challenges in B2C Marketing

Forrester’s recent survey of B2C marketing decision-makers highlights data-related challenges as a central concern. The top five challenges include:

    • Personalizing communications (41%)
    • Coordinating marketing service providers (40%)
    • Establishing a unified customer view (37%)
    • Using customer insights for decision-making (34%)
    • Managing data quality (31%)
Unlock the Power of Data with iSOCRATES®

What if you could effortlessly connect to multiple data sources, combine extensive datasets into one source of truth, monitor emerging trends, uncover key consumer insights and seamlessly activate insights into profitable media investments? With iSOCRATES, you can do that and more, given our premium partnerships with the leading data analytics, SAAS and Cloud powerhouses.

While we offer a comprehensive list of data modeling, data engineering and analytics services, Here are some of our more specialized services that are targeted to B2C marketers to help them achieve optimal success.

Customized AI solution for Marketers

MADTechAI™ is our integrated data and business intelligence platform specifically designed to manage the performance monitoring and reporting needs of B2C marketers. With our AI solution, you can build a culture of data-driven decision-making throughout your marketing organization with a purpose-built reporting solution without the friction marketers can face adopting AI solutions that require technical and data science resources to fully utilize.

Benefits of MADTechAI™
    • Gain a comprehensive performance measurement of your campaigns, diving deep into the details of campaign performance, expenditures, and outcomes, pinpointing issues and taking corrective action before they become expensive make-goods.
    • Drill deeper into the marketing data using AI-based, natural language processing (NLP) to understand performance and make adjustments to campaigns using your existing workflows and apps.
    • Track the effectiveness of performance-based campaigns, identify top-performing creatives, platforms, and media channels to optimize advertising spend, gain new efficiency and attain greater ROAS/ROI.
    • Produce brand and business-unit-ready reports effortlessly, even at high volumes. Automate the process of importing, merging, and standardizing data for all end-users, while creating engaging dashboards using the drag-and-drop report builder.

As experts in marketing and advertising technology, we design, build and maintain data warehouses, marketing cloud and business intelligence solutions for B2C marketers. Using our staff augmentation services, our technical, media and marketing experts become an integral part of your team. iSOCRATES boasts expert-level proficiency with ESP platforms, digital media platforms, Cloud solutions and business intelligence tools, as well as managing integrations and API development with platforms such as Salesforce, Adobe, Google, Tableau, and custom solutions.

Marketing Automation:

iSOCRATES serves as your trusted partner in the realm of marketing automation, harnessing the capabilities of Adobe Marketo, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, SiteImpact, Zeta Global and others. Our team is equipped with the expertise and tools needed to drive your marketing automation endeavors toward success. Our dedicated professionals include:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

At iSOCRATES we craft highly cost-effective strategies for helping potential customers discover your business. Our approach involves a thorough understanding of your business and target audience. Our SEM services encompass keyword research, campaign mapping, ad creation, bid management, multivariate testing, localization, optimization, and comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Paid Social Media:

We harness the power of paid social media to unlock your brand’s full potential across Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), TikTok, and LinkedIn. Our services leverage an array of targeting options, including look-alike audiences, demographic targeting, location targeting, interest and behavior targeting, connection targeting, and CRM list utilization, and services for campaign creation, ad copy testing, precise audience targeting, retargeting, cross-device insights, bid management, optimization, and comprehensive reporting and campaign analysis.

Programmatic Media:

iSOCRATES delivers powerful Programmatic Media services integrating Real-Time Bidding (RTB), Demand-Side Platforms (DSP), Supply-Side Platforms (SSP), Data Management Platforms (DMP), and Ad Exchanges to enhance ad performance and boost ROI for B2C marketers.

Embracing a data-centric approach, our DMP gathers and analyzes diverse consumer data, offering you comprehensive insights into your target audiences. Leveraging ad exchanges, our Programmatic Media service refines targeting precision, simplifies ad procurement, ensures precise ad performance measurement, and facilitates broad reach to specific consumer segments at scale.

We are committed to ensuring that B2C marketers can deliver impactful campaigns by reaching and engaging with the right consumers and effectively delivering tailored messages that resonate at the ideal moments.

Ad Operations Management and Support:

We specialize in comprehensive Ad Operations management, providing a wide range of services to meet the diverse needs of marketers and agencies globally. Our dedicated teams offer 24/7/365 support to buyers and sellers worldwide.

Our service includes specifying, implementing, and optimizing critical components such as Ad Servers, Header Bidders, DSPs/SSPs/DMPs/CDPs, and Video Platforms. We also provide affordable full-time dedicated management, project-based staff augmentation, and support services like screenshots, reporting reconciliation, tech support, and Help Desk assistance on demand.

Partner with iSOCRATES for cost-effective, reliable, and tailored Ad Operations management designed to enhance your advertising strategies and streamline your operations.

Biddable Media Trading Solutions:

  • Digital Media Strategy & Buying: Get MADTech and non-MADTech strategies for digital media planning, buying, and selling across various channels including Display, Video, Audio, Native, Connected TV, Out-of-Home, mobile, and in-app advertising.
  • Omnichannel Campaign Creation: Craft omnichannel campaigns using iSOCRATES Media Planner tool and DSP/SSP interfaces, encompassing Media Strategy, Planning, Buying, and Optimization.
  • Audience Development & Retargeting: Targeted audience development, site retargeting, loyalty retargeting, audience extension, and detailed campaign performance optimization.
  • Data-Enhanced Media Strategy: Leverage data for enhanced media strategies and optimizing trading strategies to boost overall performance.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Access MADTechAI™ reporting and analytics for in-market and post-campaign analysis to drive improvements.

Ad Operations Capabilities:

  • Ad Operations Management: Get support for migration, trafficking, tag creation, and management across various ad platforms.
  • Inventory Management: Get Direct, Private Marketplace, Guaranteed, and Open Exchange management, with detailed yield reporting and performance analytics to optimize pricing and revenue margins.
  • Technology Expertise: We have experience and certification in ad servers (Google Microsoft Advertising, Amazon, Kevel), tag management, header bidders, video platforms (JW, Kaltura, BrightCove, ADOBE, Ooyala, FreeWheel), SSPs, DSPs, ad exchanges, DMPs, and CDPs.
  • Blockchain Evaluation & Implementation: We provide evaluation, selection, implementation, and support for blockchain technology in advertising.
  • Ad Networks Expertise: Access our connections within various ad networks.
Foster B2C Success with iSOCRATES®

Leverage iSOCRATES’ strategic partnership to propel your B2C marketing endeavors to success. With our capabilities and specialized expertise you can secure a distinct competitive advantage. Contact us today to enable your business to excel in the digital age.

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