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The Marketer/Agency First-Party Data Checklist
The 80-20 Quagmire in Data & Analytics
The Agile Marketer’s Toolkit: Hybrid In-Housing
Why Select MADTechAI™ Instead of General Artificial Intelligence
MADTechAI™ What Is It, and Why Does It Matter
Introducing the Hybrid Solution
Improve Your Media Campaign Performance with Landing Page Best Practices
How Customer Journey Planning Can Improve Media Planning
How Best to Procure MADTechAI™
For Media and Marketing Professional Eyes Only How to Evaluate Any AI Platform
10 Tips for Evaluating and Negotiating a MarTech or AdTech AI Vendor Agreement
7 MADTechAI™ Best Practices
5 Ways to Take Your Marketing Measurement to the Next Level
Is Your Data Solution Enough?
Build Your Data Strategies
5 Ways to Rev up your Marketing Performance with Data-Driven Fuel
Creating Smart Data
“Smart” Data Can Help You Align Marketing and Sales
B2B Data 101: Our Approach to Data
Five Customer Relationship Stages for Full Engagement
Jump Start Your Bank’s Data-Driven Marketing Program
5 Ways Data Can Help Guide Your Digital Marketing
3 Ways to Get to Know Your Customers
9 Key Marketing Metrics Every Company Should Measure
Successful Analytics
Commodity Classic Recap
Yes, small donations are huge for nonprofit member renewals
Museum member renewal rates and visitation: get them in before they expire!
Respect the email: The power of email click-through rates and member renewals
Welcome to the Jungle
Knowledge is Power
Putting it All Together
Compliance: The Final Frontier
Personal Data Privacy in the Age of GDPR
Providing Meaningful and Timely Information for B2B in Our Current Environment
Make Informed Business Decisions with Data-Driven Marketing
Getting Started With Multi-Touch Attribution
Part 1: Gathering Dashboard Requirements
Part 2: Creating a Dashboard Mock-Up
Banking: 5 Key Steps For Your Data Journey
Part 3: Solicit Feedback While Building
Part 4: Dashboards are Like Plants, They Need Tending
Client Success Case Study: Highly Targeted Prospects for New Product Marketing
Starting Your Data Journey
Data Assessment For Strategic Insights
Data Assessment and Initial Strategy Implementation
iSOCRATES Reaches Global Performance Standard
How to Convince Corporate Decision-Makers of the Wisdom of Investing in a MADTech AI Platform
Why Marketers, Agencies, Publishers and MarTech/AdTech Providers need MADTech Artificial Intelligence
Introducing the iSOCRATES MADTech AI ROI Calculator
Why Are So Many MADTech Players Using Catcher’s Mitts to Play First Base?
Know the Difference between a Vendor and a Partner
How to Write an RFP/RFI to Help You Find the Right Vendor
Outsourcing Best Practices Checklist
How to Decide What Functions Should be In-Housed vs Outsourced
The Ins and Outs of Outsourcing Your Media and Marketing Services
Introduction to Sourcing Your MADTech Media and Marketing Operations
The Rise of In-Housing
7 Advantages of Onshore-Offshore Outsourcing Your Media and Marketing Operations
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