BPO Partner Success and Case Studies

Shopper Propensity Modeling for Leading Media Co Improves Ad Effectiveness and Efficiency

Case Type: Data Validation, Advanced Audience Segmentation, Shopper Propensity Modeling, Hands-on Data andAnalytics Staff Augmentation and Execution

Partner Type:  Top 10 Publicly-held, Global Multi-Platform Media Company

Challenge: Prepare and taxonomize 1st party historical consumer shopping data then develop advanced predictive audience shopper segmentation that will allow the partner the ability to activate omnichannel at scale precision targeting and analytics specifically to maximize the impact of PROMOTIONAL marketing proven to influence shopper outcomes.

Solution: A Propensity-based Advanced Shopper Segment Proof of Concept for 5 different predictive shopper segments, a related hi-level Methodology document, and provide Case Study write-up and related marketing/training materials.

Approach: iSOCRATES developed and is testing and optimizing a value-added range of targetable North American shopper audience segments at scale that enable targeting and analysis of product categories, sub-categories or brands in support of specific partners goals. All of these predictive and prescriptive-based segments derive from iSOCRATES proven ability to enhance partner 1st, 2nd and 3rd party audience data.

Results: Using iSOCRATES ETL tools and data science capabilities in advanced audience segmentation including propensity modeling helps partner to achieve greater display and omnichannel marketing effectiveness and measurable efficiencies for its marketer and agency partners while building far partner greater differentiation and improved profit margins on a sustainable basis. Partner expects to be able to deliver key new iSOCRATES-generated partner benefits at the same or higher prices at scale achieving its own significant data-enhanced media revenue gains.

Publisher Agency Hires iSOCRATES for Business Process Outsourcing

Case Type: Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Partner Type:  Agency supporting many different publishers’ with ad inventory monetization, yield and data needs

Challenge: Provide Ad Operations and Reporting support for both external and internal customers as requested by partner with a dedicated BPO full time equivalent (FTE) that will serve to supplement and support existing staff in an economical and sustainable fashion.

Solution: iSOCRATES provides these staff augmentation services:

  • Managing and optimizing various online display advertising campaigns around CPM, CPA and ROI
  • External Customer Support including pre-campaign material requests, providing specs in more details as needed, trafficking material/placing ads, monitoring campaign performance, reviewing analytics and creating & distributing performance reports
  • Internal Customer Support including Campaign optimization, Review/sign off on insertion orders to verify partner can deliver on contract deliverables, Track/update monthly inventory by RON, Site, Channel, GEO and provide updated Ad Ops Reporting/availability on an ad hoc basis to fulfill timely RFP’s

Approach: TBD

Results: BPO FTE is effectively and efficiently providing services at one third the cost of similar US-based staff.

Major Coupon/Incentives Publisher Outsources Salesforce Audience Studio (formerly known as Salesforce DMP) Management and Data Science

Overview: Top 10 Publicly-held, global multi-platform media company, North American division

Situation:  Hands-on data and analytics staff augmentation and Execution to support growth of digital revenue in a sustainable fashion

Solution: Selected appropriate platform technology, negotiated advantageous terms, implemented system and provide multi-year maintenance of DMP to allow the partner to develop proprietary and partner-led shopper data-driven programmatic and non-programmatic digital media products and capabilities

Approach: iSOCRATES became the project management of partner’s Salesforce Audience Studio (formerly known as Salesforce DMP) including their App's Data analysis, taxonomization and setup for ingestion to Salesforce Audience Studio.  The approach used was to Transfer of Partner segments to DSP, Unruly, AppNexus, Zeta, Infogroup and other Delivery Partners via the Salesforce Audience Studio, Acxiom, Neustar, and/or any other delivery method, available in platform, required or preferred by the Delivery Partner and optimize Delivery Partner audiences for campaign impression delivery and to meet campaign goals. Additionally, iSOCRATES fully activated and optimized the Salesforce Audience Studio for the partner.

Results: With the support of the iSOCRATES Data & Analytics team partner is now leveraging the platform with over custom 5,000 segments to develop a unified ID that merges anonymous and personally identifiable identities that can then be used to establish a single view of the customer across multiple channels.

The partner is on track to grow the business from $30M to over $160M over the next five years.

Healthcare Mobile App Hires iSOCRATES to Implement SalesforceTM Suite

Case Type: Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud implementation service

Partner Type:  Digital healthcare publisher

Challenge: Review, adopt, replace, support and maintain the existing Salesforce (Sales Cloud, Pardot, Ad Studio and Social Studio) solutions used by partner.

Sales Cloud and Pardot require a review of the existing setup, recommendations for improving the set up, and implementation of the recommendations.

New Ad Studio and Social Studio solution must be implemented.

Solution: iSOCRATES team of Salesforce.com experts analyzed the sales and marketing needs of the partner, evaluated the legacy use of the solutions, and redesigned the entire set of solutions for the company.

Approach: A three-phase project beginning with sales and marketing intake to establish best practice for partner’s business followed by Engagement Studio set up with message threads and prototype reports.

Phase 2: review, adopt, replace, support and maintain the Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation. Phase 3: the team implemented the Ad Studio and Social Studio solutions.

Results: With the Salesforce suite successfully created the partner was able to exceed the quarterly sales goals.  The engagement studio allowed the partner team to identify the marketing messages and targets that were most responsive to the company's offer.  This resulted in the partner's engagement manager being promoted to lead a sales force twice the size originally planned.  Additionally, the CEO selected the iSOCRATES plus Partner team to a 12-month project to train the team and continue to maintain the suite of optimized tools implemented by the project.

Leading B2B Multichannel Publisher Chooses Managed Services and End-to-End BPO

Case Type: Specialized B2B online and events publisher engaged iSOCRATES to manage all their ad operations services. Additionally, they required a method to provide their management and sales reps with continuously updated inventory availability.

Partner Type: A leading media company in the MarTech industry, this company provides content and marketing solutions for internet marketers and the digital marketing industry. The company also produces numerous internet marketing conferences.

Challenge: Publisher needed dedicated ad operations experts to handle increasing complex partner requirements as well as day-to-day campaign management.

Solution: iSOCRATES was engaged to manage all ad operations functions, including execution of display campaign launches, delivery, analytics, reporting results, and overseeing ad inventory. iSOCRATES is also tasked with responding to agency RFPs, providing insight into best practices and recommending new and innovative advertising solutions. Additionally, iSOCRATES provided this Publisher partner with an automated on-demand online inventory avails system.

Approach: iSOCRATES assigned a Developer to develop the inventory availability solution and dedicates a Campaign Manager to handle all campaign implementation, reporting requirements, and inventory management. An iSOCRATES Account Manager is assigned to manage agency/partner relationships, respond to RFPs, and research and recommend new advertising opportunities.

Results: The on-demand Inventory project was built and delivered from scratch in just 3 weeks with partner data pulled via API from the company’s instance of DFP and delivered in Google Sheets. The partner reports being very satisfied with the result and is seeking to expand its revenue and delivery operations support business relationship with iSOCRATES.

For less than the cost of a full-time employee, the partner’s campaigns are trafficked promptly and effectively with experienced managerial oversight. Partner sales reps rely on iSOCRATES personnel to communicate and resolve issues with their partner and agencies, freeing up scarce, valuable time to concentrate on selling.

Agency Outsources Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to iSOCRATES

Case Type: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Partner Type: Specialized digital media agency

Challenge: Provide SEM Ad Operations and Reporting support for both external and internal customers on-demand with a dedicated full-time resource (FTE) that will supplement and support existing staff in an economical and sustainable fashion.

Solution: As staff augmentation, the specific tasks iSOCRATES completes each month for the partner includes, but are not limited to:

  • Assist with search engine marketing campaigns on Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • SEM performance tracking, analysis and reporting
  • Set up and analyze A/B testing, and share results accordingly
  • Manage and track spend across SEM campaigns
  • Run weekly and monthly reports for external partners via Facebook platform
  • Run weekly and monthly reports for external partners via the DCM platform (Doubleclick for advertisers), Amazon and Media Math to be able to integrate one report
  • Compile reporting, analyze results and communicate campaign progress/insights to internal team members

Approach: We began by collecting a list of available tools, business needs and login to the platforms where the changes need to be done in terms of SEM work or for generating reports. This helps us to understand your business better, set the right expectations to serve you better.  Once the team has completed the on-boarding process we will provide the following services daily, weekly, and monthly, for the 12 month term of the BPO contract:

  • Perform and QA keyword research to develop target lists that match up with partner goals and opportunities.
  • Execute search engine optimization tactics such as technical content audits, link keyword research and content analysis, on-page optimization and ongoing evaluation of objectives and goals.
  • Recommend and execute on actionable insights through analysis of content performance data.
  • Provide technical analysis of website performance and outline areas of opportunities to improve from an content driven SEO perspective.
  • Communicate tactical content optimization strategy to internal teams as well as partners.
  • Perform comprehensive content QA audits to ensure best practice SEO guidelines are being strictly followed.
  • Develop and implement content marketing campaigns alongside internal team members to increase social sharing and organic traffic.
  • Work alongside content curation, web design and development and social media department to ensure all technical, content and social signals are being developed to help boost organic results.

Results: iSOCRATES specialized SEO/SEM offshore staff with U.S. partner success is effectively and efficiently providing services at one-third or less the cost of similar U.S.A. only-based staff.

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