BPO Overview


Leveraging a flexible onshore-offshore staffing model, iSOCRATES offers clients a broad and deep range of affordable, transparently-priced technology-enabled and/or pure labor-based media and marketing services. These services are available to be performed remotely or on-site with or without supervision.

ISOCRATES offers select U.S. and international clients full-time, dedicated 24/7/365, end-to-end support on a fee-for-service basis. These services include:


  • Management and staff augmentation
  • Ad Operations, including migration support, trafficking and tag creation and management
  • CRM Operations
  • CDP and DMP operations
  • Publisher Development
  • Advertiser and agency relations
  • Account Management
  • Media Strategy, Media Planning, Media Buying, Campaign Optimization
  • Legal forms development and contracting
  • Accounting, receivables management and collection, reconciliation

Media Trading

  • Programmatic and non-programmatic digital media buying and selling
  • Various Media Channels: Display, Video, Audio, Native, Connected TV, Out-of-Home
  • Creation of omnichannel campaigns within ISOCRATES Media Planner tool and DSP interfaces
  • Hands-on, accountable campaign management of DSPs
  • Detailed performance analysis to optimize fill rates and net revenue margins for publishers
  • Perform detailed analysis to optimize campaign performance for advertisers
  • Leverage and build upon trading strategies to enhance trading performance
  • Header bidding, ad waterfall and fill partner management
  • Yield management, including ad inventory pricing and analytics

Technology, Related Engineering and Other Support Services

  • Header bidders (PreBid.js, others)
  • Ad servers (e.g., Google DFP and DFA, AppNexus, OAS, SmartAdServer)
  • Video Player and Platforms selection and management (e.g., JW, Kaltura, BrightCove, Ooyala, FreeWheel)
  • Ad Exchanges (e.g., Google Adx, Facebook, AppNexus, Index, OpenX, Rubicon)
  • Salesforce DMP, Oracle BlueKai, ADOBE Audience Manager
  • Monetization: Supply Side Platforms (SSP) Operations (AppNexus, Google, Rubicon, Pubmatic, RTK, others)
  • Display, mobile, video and other types of ad units
  • WordPress and other content management systems
  • Salesforce.com CRM and Email
  • Retargeting and remarketing Monetization
  • Dedicated, full-time account management, yield management, audience management and optimization
  • DSPs (AppNexus, Beeswax, Google DBM, MediaMath)
  • Google Ad Words/AdSense integration and management
  • Screenshots
  • Reconciliations
  • Technical support, including Help Desk

Data Science, Data Management, Modeling, Analytics and Reporting

  • Salesforce DMP-as-a-Service, your instance or use of iSOCRATES’s pre-built and optimized version of Salesforce DMP
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data strategy and sourcing
  • Data entry and record hygiene
  • Metadata and taxonomy development
  • Data Onboarding with Acxiom LiveRamp, Neustar, and others
  • Data Management Platform (DMP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Data Platform (CDP), including Salesforce.com development and administration
  • Business Intelligence (iSOCRATES DatalyticsTM, others), scorecards and dashboards
  • Data Visualization
  • KPI’s and other metrics, including but not limited to: Reach, Frequency, upper funnel, mid-funnel, ROI, ROAS, and Sales Lift
  • Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and other site- or app-specific analytics
  • Viewability analysis and reporting (MOAT, others)
  • On-demand and automated, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly revenue and comprehensive campaign, trading partner and audience analytics, reporting and alerts
  • Quantitative Analysis, Statistics/Econometrics
  • Standard and custom modeling and algorithm development: Audience and Customer Segmentation, Persona Development, Propensity, Predictive, Attribution, Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA), Recency, Frequency, Monetary Customer Lifetime Value (RFM-CLV)
  • Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, including Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

As marketing specialists, we take pride in our extensive up to date training and both our current and historical experience with architecting, building, delivering, documenting, and supporting the full range of Salesforce Marketing Cloud platforms and products, including:

  • Journey Builder
  • Email Studio
  • Salesforce DMP
  • Data Studio
  • Social Studio
  • Advertising Studio
  • Mobile Studio
  • Pardot
  • Editions
  • Distributed Marketing
  • Einstein Account-Based Marketing

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Our entire team is steeped in a deep understanding and hands-on experience using all aspects of the Sales Cloud including:

  • Salesforce CRM
  • Salesforce Lightning
  • Einstein enhancements
  • Pardot
  • Salesforce CPQ and Billing
  • Other Salesforce Products, Services, and Integrations

Other Salesforce Product, Services, and Integrations

Other Salesforce and Salesforce-certified partner products we support include:

  • Salesforce and Google alliance
  • Salesforce API Development
  • Salesforce Partner Integrations
  • Salesforce DMP CRM onboarding with Acxiom LiveRamp and Neustar

Additional Services Available

  • SEO/SEM services
  • Audience Development
  • Audience Extension
  • Site, audience and loyalty re-targeting
  • Access to creative resources, including copy, photography, video creation and editing
  • Video and display content syndication services
  • Online competitive intelligence
  • Market Intelligence
  • ETL Tool Development
  • AWS Management
  • Website Hosting and Management
  • CMS Management (WordPress, Drupal, others)
  • Vendor RFP/RFI Creation/Response

Google Practice

As marketing and ad operations specialists, we take pride in our extensive up-to-date training and both our current and historical experience with architecting, building, delivering, documenting, and supporting the full range of GoogleTM Marketing Cloud, Doubleclick brand and GoogleTM stack products, including:

  • Doubleclick Click Manager
  • GoogleTM Tag Manager
  • Doubleclick Bid Manager
  • Doubleclick for Publishers(DFP)
  • GoogleTM Analytics
  • GoogleTM Analytics 365
  • Doubleclick for Advertisers (DFA)
  • GoogleTM Adx
  • GoogleTM Adwords/Adsense

Other GoogleTM and Google-certified partner products our global team is steeped in a deep understanding and hands-on experience using all aspects of and which we actively support includes:

  • SalesforceTM and GoogleTM alliance
  • GoogleTM API Development
  • GoogleTM Partner Integrations
  • GoogleTM DBM/DCM-Salesforce DMP CRM onboarding with Acxiom LiveRamp and Neustar

In-House or Outsourced, iSOCRATES Helps You Plan and Execute

Just as sports equipment can vary by purpose and circumstance, client needs and budgets can vary. Our engagement teams typically:

  • Provide an Assessment, Playbook or Evaluation/Selection/Contracting
  • Optimize and existing instance or process
  • Implement a new instance of a GoogleTM or SalesforceTM AppNexusTM platform or product
  • Administer and manage all things GoogleTM, SalesforceTM, or AppNexusTM end-to-end or as much or as little as needed.
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