Product Manager

Job Title: Product Manager

Employer: iSOCRATES MAdTech Private Limited

Reports to: Manager, BIDS & Technology

Location: Mysuru, Karnataka, India


iSOCRATES advises on, builds, owns, and manages mission-critical Marketing, Advertising and Data platforms, technologies and processes as the Global Leader in MADTech Resource Planning and Execution™ serving publishers, marketers, agencies, and enablers. iSOCRATES has two lines of business: Products (MADTechBI™) and Services (Consulting: Strategy and Operations; Managed Services). iSOCRATES is staffed 24/7/365 with its own proven specialists who save partners money, time and achieve transparent, accountable performance while delivering extraordinary value. Savings stem from a low-cost, focused global delivery model at scale that benefits from continuous re-investment in technology and specialized training. The company is headquartered and with its expert Engagement and Partner Success teams based in Saint Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A., and has its own global delivery center in Mysuru, Karnataka, India.

MAdTechBI™ is the unified data and business intelligence platform purpose-built for both MarTech and AdTech to serve the supply-side and the demand-side including B2C and B2B publishers, marketers, agencies, and their enablers.

The MAdTechBI™ Platform is cloud-based, supports real-and near real-time data, available on-demand, and is composed of six key components:

  • Data Sources (MarTech and AdTech plus disparate data like financials and operations)
  • Data Consolidation (ETL: data integration, and TEMS: data matching)
  • Data Warehouse (AWS cloud-based, multi-node, multi-core, virtually infinitely scalable, secure)
  • Data Science (comprehensive models and sandbox)
  • Business Intelligence (Campaign and Enterprise: Analytics, Data Visualization, Reports, and Alerts)
  • 24/7/365 Global Support (Training, Managed and Professional Services)

The platform has its own data warehouse, pre-built and customizable data integrations, dashboards and scorecards to support C-levels and their reports, including VPs, Directors, Managers, Team Leaders and line operators, with need for comprehensive top-down and bottom-up data, information and action

How MAdTechBI™ Benefits You:

  • 200+ data integrations ready to use
  • 150+ pre-built dashboard and scorecard templates ready to populate with your data
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Rules-based smart alerts triggered to your schedule
  • Unified disparate data and analytics with single sign-on
  • AdTech and MarTech focused
  • No code solution
  • No programming to learn or use
  • No certification required
  • Fully customizable with white labeling available
  • Managed service platform with 24/7/365 experts in:
    • Data Engineering
    • Data Science
    • Visualization and Analytics


Job Description

The Product Manager is responsible for leading the organization in engineering and development of new products, product enhancements and product redesign. He/she evaluates the potential and practicality of products in development and relies on research, extensive experience, and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.

Highest priority will be to manage development of iSOCRATES proprietary business intelligence platform MAdTechBI™ in meeting client-partner and internal needs as well. Additionally, he/she helps the U.S.- and India-based Partner Success team in pre-sales of product-related sales and services acting as a de facto subject matter expert. This position requires exercising independent judgment to perform the responsibilities described herein.


  • Manage/enhance iSOCRATES proprietary, purpose-biult media and marketing business intelligence tool MAdTechBI™.
  • Design new product solutions in line with the business model and as per internal/external customer needs
  • Select correct design concepts and fundamental UX/UI used for new products or improvement for existing ones
  • Develop and implement methods and procedures for monitoring and managing product such as preparation of roadmaps, schedule, Jira boards, status, delivery impact and risk, progress reports, presentations, records of expenditures, and staff conferences, in order to inform management of current status of each project
  • Plan and formulate aspects of client data analysis, engineering, process automation, product development and research proposals such as objective or purpose, applications that can be utilized from findings, costs, schedule, timeline, system requirements and human resource requirements
  • Work closely with cross-functional internal team and external customers to understand the product needs/requirements
  • Ready to be hands-on as necessary
  • Ready to support during Late EMEA or ET hours


  • Minimum of 12 years in technology product engineering and development; minimum 3 years experience in product management
  • Strong working knowledge in any of the BI platforms such as Sisense, Tableau, PowerBI, Datorama, Looker, or DOMO
  • Strong understanding of engineering, different technologies and cloud platforms, especially AWS and Snowflake
  • Database query languages and database management is must
  • Expertise developing, managing, using and understanding APIs and Angular JS, Node JS, MVC architecture and Bootstrap
  • Experience with paid digital advertising technologies, engineering, data and systems, preferred
  • Working knowledge of ad servers, Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), Sell Side Platforms (SSPs), Customer Data Platforms(CDPs) and/or Data Management Platforms(DMPs) and/or Customer Relationship Management systems(CRMs), preferred
  • Working knowledge of B2C and B2B email marketing platforms, customer journey building is a plus
  • Proficiency in Analytcs and Business Intelligence systems, Data Science Engineering and Distributed Computing
  • Strong understanding of Data Science and/or Marketing Science
  • Process orientation; demonstrated ability to develop repeatable processes and improve existing processes in and out of technology and product development
  • Strong working knowledge of Agile methodology, SCRUM, project management
  • Open and collaborative style; must be comfortable working in an environment where ideas are shared and challenged
  • Energy and enthusiasm; candidates must find the work “fun” and enjoy being accountable and willing to hold others accountable
  • Strong English communication, documentation and presentation skills
If you are interested and your profile matches the requirements mentioned, please send your profile to [email protected]. For more information visit our website

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