Consulting Partner Success and Case Studies

iSOCRATES provides multi-discipline strategic and operations advisers, team leaders/members, interim senior management on a project basis for problem solving, innovation, acceleration, project management and process improvement.

Recent completed and current Programmatic and non-Programmatic digital media and marketing-related engagements include:

Corporate & Business Development Case Study

Partner Type: Major privately-held offline proprietary B2B and B2C data provider

Challenge: With marketers migrating to digital and multi-channel targeting solutions from traditional efforts, the partner needed to assess the market opportunity, build a budget and develop an action plan.

Solution: We approached the challenge from both a product-market perspective and a corporate cultural point of view. While the need for and process of Data Onboarding (converting mailing address/telephone/email to cookies/audience, IP addresses, and device IDs) was clear and market demand abundant, due to existing revenue-generating relationships and budgetary constraints the Monetization strategy and staffing plan required more effort.

Approach: The team conducted extensive market, product, and technology assessment (including primary research) and financial viability analysis to evaluate the partner’s relevant capabilities and limitations. A written plan and oral readout emphasizing direct and channel partner-led sales was delivered to a satisfied partner.

Results: Motivated by a desire for continued growth and entry into new markets including programmatic media and retargeting, partner expects to move forward shortly on this multi-million dollar digital initiative.

Corporate Development Case Study

Partner Type: Adtech Supply Side Platform

Challenge: Company needed a plan to position their mid-level SSP for the future.

Solution: iSOCRATES conducted an automation and operations assessment which resulted in a decision to build out a programmatic premium platform. We were then hired to complete a follow-on engagement to raise Series A funding to pursue this programmatic premium strategy.

Approach: iSOCRATES completed financial and market analysis to develop investor proposals. Secured and completed comparative analysis of multiple term sheets.

Results: We closed ten (10) figure debt & equity financing at a 132% increase in enterprise value from eight (8) months earlier. In the first 12 months of engagement, the company has grown revenues over 115%.

Digital Media Strategy for Large, Multi-Platform Media Company

Case Type: Business Transformation-From Strategy Assessment and Playbook through Project Management (five month engagement)

Partner Type: Leading U.S. multicultural media company

Challenge: Prepare a comprehensive business plan for the senior leadership of the Interactive Media Division to support their Programmatic business vision.

Solution: Prepare an analysis of the current state of the market, the company’s capabilities, strategic options, and recommend action steps necessary to secure significant investment in staff, automation, and data management systems necessary to build and accomplish the EVP’s vision.

Approach: During the first 30-day phase of this engagement the consulting team completed a customized iSOCRATES Assessment to develop a Management/Board report that included a review of the company’s existing business in light
of the ad ecosystem documenting the current strategic direction, corporate development / acquisition plans, current product road map, and organization. After the delivery of the Assessment, iSOCRATES was immediately engaged to deliver a iSOCRATES Playbook to recommend specific budgeting, vendor selection, timing, and organizational design and development required to realize the recommended strategic Programmatic business plan. Finally, iSOCRATES led a third phase of the project to develop an independently branded Multicultural Market Making Business.

Results: Senior management approved the multi-million dollar investment for a new Programmatic business unit expected to deliver triple digit revenue growth for the Interactive Media division. In support of this business the iSOCRATES team delivered over $4M in cost savings and incremental revenue by negotiating a better DMP contract, optimizing the PMP and Exchange systems, negotiating a Header Bidding contract, and establishing a trading capability to enhance programmatic yield, extension and establish market making capability.

Interim Management, Dramatic Process Improvement and Focused Results

Case Type: Business Transformation-Embedded change catalyst doing hands-on implementation then hand-off to partner employees (five month engagement)

Partner Type: Leading U.S. multicultural media company

Challenge: Build, operate, and transfer the new Programmatic business unit to deliver the desired capabilities and triple digit revenue growth for the Interactive Media

Solution: Engage iSOCRATES resources to develop the capabilities required for the Interactive Media Division to execute each part of the Playbook. The solution included new organization designs, systems evaluation and implementation, and staff development.

Approach: iSOCRATES consultants wrote job descriptions for, and recruited new staff as well as supported the on-boarding of a new Advertising Operations leader for a redesigned organization. In addition to testing the implementation of the DMP including operationalizing dual DFP / FreeWheel integrations, the iSOCRATES team completed an accelerated
deployment and testing the Oracle BlueKai DMP.

The consulting team also negotiated a DMP transition to a more effective and efficient platform. iSOCRATES also negotiated and managed the integration of OpenX Meta-Header Container and testing the results for lift in CPMs from additional liquidity and a Header Bidding capability.

Finally, iSOCRATES designed and delivered a Programmatic and UDMP training course for the integrated sales team’s effort to grow programmatic and audience-specific revenue.

Results: The company is preparing to launch an independently branded Multicultural Market Making Business. This business unit is expected to deliver triple digit revenue growth to the Interactive Media Division and be EBITDA positive in the calendar year of launch.

Interim Senior Management Case Study

Partner Type: Adtech Digital Media Exchange

Challenge: Recruited by private equity investors to execute as CEO a business turnaround in a business that had exhausted all its seed funds and incurred over 5x that funding in debt in under 18 months of operation.

Solution: Immediately put in place cost controls, reduced overhead, identified and stopped money losing business activity, implemented a profitable business plan, and created investor presentations to raise funds to retire bad debt and support “viewable, clean media” strategy.

Approach: Developed anti-fraud product and sourced legitimate supply. Personally closed new customer business that increased monthly revenue by a factor of 70 in just eight months later. Completed reduction of past debt negotiations with key industry vendors. Raised $6 million in new equity investment on a valuation of $24 million pre-money. Negotiated new credit facility of $6 million.

Results: The company is now publicly-traded with a recent market capitalization of nearly $100 million.

Investment Due Diligence Case Study

Partner Type: Global institutional multi-stage private equity/venture capital investment firm

Challenge: Late-stage growth capital investment due diligence

Solution: Partner needed a deep dive, yet short delivery window business and investment analysis of both a major advertising technology company (search retargeter) and its recent proprietary intent data-based marketing technology (SaaS) company acquisition.

Approach: Our personnel — same hour hired — began target and competitive document retrieval and review. Also, our personnel immediately began to schedule management, industry, customer, competitor, and former customer/employee/competitor interviews. Checking in with partner and target management team daily(including weekends), consultant delivered written and oral status updates and revised assignment punch list as needed. Specific effort was requested relating to current and prospective corporate and product strategy, competitive analysis, and valuations.

Results: We delivered final written report and oral readout with full Q&A to both the investment firm and, separately, to key limited partner with favorable result. Investment approved by investment firm.

Leading Coupon and Incentives Media Co Creates Shopper Data-Driven Digital Revenue

Case Type: Digital Business Assessment and Strategy through Playbook creation plus hands-on data and analytics staff augmentation and execution

Partner Type: Top 10 publicly-held, global multi-platform media company

Challenge: How to create new digital revenue streams in economically responsible ways that meaningfully increase the growth of digital revenue in a sustainable fashion

Solution: Develop proprietary and partner-led shopper data- driven programmatic and non-programmatic digital media products and capabilities by means organic and inorganic

Approach: After performing a deep dive assessment of the existing business, the iSOCRATES team worked closely with the partner’s C-suite and digital leadership to develop a shared vision, mission and common set of goals and objectives that could form the basis of a decision-making framework around which specific digital innovation initiatives could be evaluated and prioritized. Once workshopped and agreed upon, the surviving possible digital initiatives were developed in a tight Strategy document and presentation with a follow-on, detailed Playbook (including Action Plan) for final C-level vetting, funding and execution.

Results: Despite initial skepticism from the partner about the benefits of consulting including the ability of consulting to deliver tangible ROI, iSOCRATES was able to partner successfully with senior and mid- level partner personnel to achieve rapport, a common understanding of the challenges and opportunities, and immediate, tangible benefits. The business is now implementing initial findings with the help of the iSOCRATES DatalyticsTM team.

Multi-Platform Broadcaster Receives Transformative Audience Data and Analytics Strategy and Detailed Plan

Case Type: Tradigital Business Transformation-From Strategy Development and Plan through Board approval and implementation (ten-month engagement)

Partner Type: A leading publicly-traded U.S. multi-platform local- national broadcaster

Challenge: The Partner is facing mature growth and profit margins in its traditional channels and current markets. Increasingly, its consumer audience though highly engaged, prefers more personalized experiences and more relevant advertising. The business must keep pace with new technologies and marketer needs while delivering immediate and long-term growth and profits.

Solution: After hearing of iSOCRATES’ transformational work elsewhere, the Partner’s CEO and senior leadership team requested a 75-day Strategic Assessment including a current state needs/interests and capabilities audit. iSOCRATES delivered a highly detailed C/Board-level proposed future state tradigital Strategy blending current strategy and assets with dramatic new vision, capabilities and growth plan.

Approach: The iSOCRATES deliverables included presenting an array of alternative investments and a specific path to Plan Development and Execution based on the Strategic Assessment.

Results: The Strategy and related presentation was sufficiently well received by the CEO and his direct reports. iSOCRATES was asked to design and lead the multi-vendor RFP process necessary to enable the multi-year, eight figure Plan/Build/ Support “Consumer Hub” initiative. The company has committed to market tests and full roll out. This largely organic data-driven, multi-channel audience-based strategy is currently projected to add sufficient incremental revenue and profits to generate a 10x shareholder value return on the total project investment in just the first three years.

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