Data Engineering & Data Warehousing Practice

Fuel Growth and Innovation with DataTech Solutions

In the rapidly evolving world of Marketing and Advertising Technology, the key to staying ahead lies in harnessing the power of data.

At iSOCRATES, the leading consultancy for data analytics in the MADTech industry, we provide specialized Data Warehousing and Engineering solutions to pave the way for data-driven transformation. Our strategic partnerships with industry gold standards such as AWS, Snowflake, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, backed by our proven sector expertise, empower your business to make strategic decisions, capitalize on market trends, and achieve unparalleled growth.

MADTech data dilemmas solved

iSOCRATES is well-versed with the barriers that the MADTech industry typically faces with data tech transformation. As customers and partners with the leading technology providers, our certified experts have the depth and breadth of skills to navigate roadblocks on your data journey such as:

Inefficient Data Processing & Decision Making: Our advanced data engineering techniques optimize data processing pipelines, reducing bottlenecks and minimizing processing time. This empowers MADTech organizations to swiftly analyze vast datasets and respond to market trends, adjust marketing strategies, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and improve campaign performance.

Data Silos and Fragmented Insights: With our data warehousing expertise, we break down data silos, integrating disparate datasets into a unified platform. This consolidated view provides MADTech companies with a comprehensive understanding of their audience, enabling more effective targeting and personalized marketing campaigns.

Scalability and Data Growth: As your data volume grows, our systems can seamlessly accommodate increased data demands, ensuring smooth operations without compromising performance.

Data Security and Compliance: With robust security measures and compliance protocols, our warehousing solutions ensure your data remains protected and compliant with relevant regulations.

Crack the code to success with iSOCRATES

We are dedicated to solving complex data challenges, enabling MADTech organizations to make data-driven decisions with ease. Our services are designed to elevate your data infrastructure and drive success.

Data Engineering for Seamless Data Flows
Optimize your advertising campaigns by ensuring real-time data ingestion from various sources, such as social media platforms, ad servers, and customer touchpoints. Our data engineering solutions enable seamless data flows, enhancing data quality and reducing latency in processing, leading to improved targeting and ROI.

Data Warehousing and Integration
Create a centralized repository for all your marketing data, including customer interactions, ad impressions, and campaign performance metrics. Our data warehousing expertise across Amazon RedShift, Google BigQuery, Azure, and Snowflake allows you to consolidate and integrate data from disparate sources, making it accessible for holistic analysis, trend identification, and actionable insights.

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) Pipeline Development
Transform raw data into meaningful information by leveraging our ETL pipeline development services powered by our dedicated delivery team. We ensure that your data is cleansed, standardized, and enriched before it’s loaded into your data warehouse, enabling you to make accurate, data-driven decisions in real-time.

Get more with the iSOCRATES partnership

iSOCRATES offers the dual benefits of domain and industry knowledge, unlike other third-party vendors. Further, we offer a cost-effective and transparent range of digital media and marketing services using a flexible onshore-offshore delivery model, for significant cost and time savings for clients.

With a multi-million dollar investment in technology and low-cost global operations, iSOCRATES delivers end-to-end managed services, tailored to client needs.

Your data journey starts now

Turn data into a powerful revenue-generating tool. Witness the direct impact of our data tech services on your marketing performance, driving your MADTech organization toward unmatched success.


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