Data Management + Visualization

Data Management + Visualization

It all starts with your data. Our in-depth discovery process ensures all relevant current data sources and new external data opportunities are identified as we mine through your data, combining existing and potential sources into a comprehensive database created specifically for your company. How often will your data be updated? That’s up to you! Our team tracks and updates your data on a regular cadence so that you have access to the most current insights.

Along with managing your data, we integrate your data into a securely hosted analytics-ready environment that you can access any time of day or night.

Data Integrity + Enhancements

In order to capitalize on your data, our team extracts and transforms it, through an advanced hygiene and standardization process, into an understandable, and sustainable structure. This is the foundation for all insights.

Our data cleansing process consolidates data, standardizes addresses, creates a single view of customers across business units and makes sales data easier to view going back 10 years.

Our data enhancement process enriches our clients’ core company records with new data variables from new sources to maximize the value and usefulness of insights.

Data Visualization + Reporting

With your data standardized and consolidated, our team delivers it through an insights visualization platform with a comprehensive view of your current actionable insights. With a dashboard to show real-time changes in your marketing performance, customer behaviors, and sales targets, your dashboard can help drive smarter multichannel customer interaction.

Our visualization platform contains an easy-to-use graphical analysis of your markets, customers, channels and campaigns, making collaboration between sales and marketing teams seamless and efficient.

What will you see in your Insight Portal Dashboards? That is entirely dependent upon what your business wants to see! Each dashboard is customized with  visualizations that are key to your business and your business alone. We can also set up a permissions structure for specific business units or departments that are only accessible to their teams.

Interested in more dashboard customization? Our teams can set you up to receive daily email dashboard updates, notifications for goal tracking, and default views just for you to save you time, each time you enter the platform.

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