Data Onboarding, Modeling and Activation Practice

Client-partners make available customer data with personally identifiable information (PII), activities and information required to build effective customer relationship marketing (CRM) audiences for targeting.


  • Securely analyzes and processes data customer file(s) for audience development and onboarding
  • Develops custom client customer data profiles for use in creating CRM audiences for targeting
  • Securely processes and assembles client customer file(s) and sends to selected onboarding partners for digital ID match
  • Confirms file(s) receipt, successful processing, and develops additional audiences creating client CRM audiences
  • Distributes client CRM audiences to activation platforms and for data modeling
  • Data modeling develops client CRM audience look-a-like and/or propensity models to increase reach of qualified prospects
  • Via activation platforms: uses client CRM audiences for targeting advertising to customers and prospects
Data Onboarding, Modeling and Activation Advantages

iSOCRATES has developed proprietary processes and technologies to efficiently analyze, process and onboard data for modeling, multi-channel advertising and CRM/CDP/DMP media activation.

We work with a preferred, best-in-class list of qualified onboarding partners and data modelers, including: LiveRamp, TransUnion/Neustar, Experian, and Oracle.

Data Onboarding and Modeling advantages:

  • Develop addressable customer audiences for efficient and effective customer marketing, prospecting and ROAS
  • Reach across multiple digital channels including but not limited to email, display, video, social, OTT, Adv. TV, audio and OOH
  • Integrate and synchronize ad messaging to customers and prospects
  • Identify your best customers and prospects with targeted digital advertising from your own CRM/CDP/DMP and other data
  • Leverage multiple Identity Networks with billions of deterministic profiles and integrations to top activation partners; target known customers and prospects 1:1 with precision, regardless of where they are
  • iSOCRATES executes and manages onboarding and modeling processes end-to-end with best-in-class onboarding providers and modeling
  • Prospect for new customers similar to your existing “best” customers and known customer groups
Data Onboarding, Modeling and Activation Process Details

iSOCRATES clients have multiple options to securely deliver customer data, including: SFTP, AWS Bucket Sync, secure retrieval, and more.

Optionally, iSOCRATES can convert your raw unstructured customer files into a cohesive usable data set for activation and modeling.


  • Stores and transmits all data encrypted via secure connections with destructive deletion for maximum data security
  • Tests and monitors your data match rate (how many records will match with onboard partner data sets) to confirm that post match audience volumes will deliver activation and modeling business and ROAS
  • Defines, develops, tests and optimizes custom CRM audiences based on your business needs and goals
  • Defines CRM audiences for look-a-like and propensity modelling based on your business requirements and goals to prospect for more customers Like your existing and best customers
  • Plans, defines, produces, launches, monitors and optimizes CRM audience targeting and audience modelling campaigns for all digital media channels, across multiple digital media partners for display, video, social, Advanced TV, audio, and DOOH advertising to customers and qualified prospects
Data Science and Modeling

Our combination of data science and modeling expertise with business acumen provides clients new and powerful ways to understand, activate and monetize their data.

We design, continuously evaluating potential approaches, draft solutions for interpretability and practical use, build features, algorithms, and determine metrics which are critical for building robust production solutions.

iSOCRATES works together with customers to address your specific needs, leveraging well-known methodologies and a rich set of technologies tailored to your solution requirements and goals. Our solutions provide businesses a competitive advantage through a systematic and scientific knowledge discovery. On request, iSOCRATES will work with best-in-class data modelers to provide additional modeling solutions.

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