Data Science and Engineering Practice

iSOCRATES has deep Data Science and Data Engineering subject matter teams and experience focused on serving buyers and sellers 24/7/365 worldwide.

Data science is a broad and deep discipline. It is essential to select the right approaches for each partner’s unique business needs, and to address the unique challenges of each partner’s data.

iSOCRATES Data Science & Analytics team will turn your complex and confusing data into useful insights. We combine information from various sources to develop effective solutions for businesses to drive the growth & efficiency. We work across publishers, agencies and advertisers on all size datasets.

iSOCRATES Data Science is Different, Better

Our combination of data science expertise plus business acumen provides partners new and powerful ways to understand, activate and/or monetize their data, directly or indirectly.

We design, continuously evaluating potential approaches, draft solutions for interpretability and practical use, build features, algorithms, and determine metrics which are critical for building robust production solutions.

iSOCRATES Data Science works together with partners to address specific needs, leveraging well-known methodologies and a rich set of technologies tailored to solution requirements and goals. Our solutions provide businesses competitive advantage using systematic and scientific knowledge discovery to create measurable, repeatable “edge”.

Data, Measurement and Analytics Capabilities/Skills
  • iSOCRATES team’s dedicated Data Scientists augment MADTechAI™ Data, Analytics and Reporting Suite and develop custom Data Science solutions to meet our partners’ needs
  • The team optimizes ad delivery, manages demand/supply, yield, pricing, and improves product outcomes by leveraging rich data and applying data science & machine learning skills to propel the growth of your business
  • We build custom reporting and analysis solutions including integrations of ad server, bidding, pricing, geo, audience and web analytics data
  • Custom Audience Segmentation, Attribution, Lookalike modeling, multi-touch attribution, and other modeling available on request
  • Monetization and Viewability analysis, reporting and optimization for both advertisers and publishes using MOAT, IAS, and more
  • Custom Data Science solution development, including custom modeling, algorithm development, predictive analytics, and solution maintenance
  • 1st Party data strategy, onboarding, taxonomization, segmentation, analysis, modeling and valuation
  • Log-level pricing, and yield analysis and optimization

iSOCRATES Data science brings intelligence to many aspects of MADTech advertising technology.

It provides marketers a more powerful and personal digital experience for consumers by making sense of the data created by people engaging with interconnected devices and apps. It provides the tools that enable advertisers to reach interest groups and audiences that resonate with their business.

It allows publishers to understand and value their audiences and inventory more effectively in real-time, if they choose.

Our Data Scientists work closely with engineering and product teams on a range of problems around auction/campaign dynamics, advertising ROAS and yield, targeting, conversion, and marketplaces.

Detailed campaign performance and optimization, including both Demand-Side and Supply-Side Supply Chain Optimization and Data Enhanced Media strategy Leverage and optimize ad trading strategies to enhance Supply-Side and Demand-Side trading performance.


R, Python, Redshift, Athena, Snowflake, Databricks, C++, Java, MySQL, Distributed Computing, Hadoop, Map/Reduce, Hive, Pig, Spark, NoSQL, Perl, SAS, Excel, VBA, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.


Experience in delivering scalable analytics solutions for any size, dynamic data sets.

Building intelligent systems by combining complex integrations with Data Science and Analytics to drive business advancing solutions.

iSOCRATES specifies, implements, manages, models, optimizes, and reports on tags, ad servers, header bidders, DSPs, SSPs, DMPs, CDPs, CRMs, ESPs, offline data, and video platforms.

iSOCRATES has extensive experience onboarding PII and non-PII data, performing data hygiene continuously and at scale, classifying, taxonomizing, and model building/testing/deploying/optimizing.

Statistical & Machine Learning Algorithms (Artificial Intelligence)

Supervised and unsupervised learning, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, KNN (K- Nearest Neighbors), K-Means/Hierarchical Clustering, Naïve Bayes, Dimensionality Reduction, Principal Components Analysis.

Random Forests, Support Vector Machines, Deep Learning, Stochastic gradient descent, Pattern Recognition, Gradient Boosting, XGBOOST, Neural Networks, Ensemble models.

Bayesian Methods, Non Parametric Modeling, ANOVA, Time Series, Hidden Markov Model, Monte Carlo Simulations, agent-based modeling, A/B testing.

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