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iSOCRATES DatalyticsTM is iSOCRATES’s own cloud- based, on-demand, unified, media and marketing Business Intelligence platform. DatalyticsTM provides Marketers, Agencies, and Publishers with Data collection and Integration of multiple data sources for Analytics and Reporting. DatalyticsTM includes standard and custom dashboards, scorecards, alerts, analysis, and reporting tailored to individual needs.

The iSOCRATES DatalyticsTM Platform comprised of four major components: Data collection and integration (ETL), Trade Element Mapping Solution (TEMS) to properly connect all the data together, Analytics and Reporting.

Datalytics BI Framwork

DatalyticsTM ETL is a purpose built, universal omnichannel data collection, import, source mapping and integration solution across digital Marketer, Agency and Publisher marketing systems and technologies. It collects data from all sources including online and offline data via multiple methodologies.

DatalyticsTM Advertiser ETL retrieves and integrates Advertiser cross channel campaign data from ad technology, brand safety, ad server, DMP, email, social, DMP, conversion, and measurement to manage pacing, performance, goals, conversion, targeting, and ROAS.

DatalyticsTM Publisher ETL retrieves and integrates Publisher digital property data from ad technology, advertiser 3rd party, SSPs, header bidders, CMS, DMP and web analytics systems for ad operations,

property revenue performance, and yield management.

DatalyticsTM Trade Element Mapping Solution (TEMS) is the heart of iSOCRATES DatalyticsTM. DatalyticsTM TEMS is a proprietary iSOCRATES solution that codes and integrates your Mar Tech, Ad Tech, property, and offline data across your data sources. DatalyticsTM Advertiser TEMS integrates campaign
and marketing data dynamically through automated solution mapping and coding to integrate across DSP, brand safety, viewability, ad server, email, social, search and conversion (online and offline) data. DatalyticsTM Publisher TEMS integrates direct campaign, ad server, secondary demand, header bidder, SSP, site and viewability data across data sources to deliver integrated DatalyticsTM Analytics and Reporting.

DatalyticsTM Analytics and Reporting is an omnichannel operations, ad technology, advertising revenue,
and optimization business intelligence, data visualization, and reporting solution for Advertisers and Publishers. Publishers, Advertisers and Agencies login to the secure cloud-based solution to provide management, sales, operations and on-demand analytics, dashboards, scorecards and alerts.


  • All site, app, display, email, social, video, native, and more campaign, safety, and audience Ad Tech and Mar Tech data sources are integrated and available for business intelligence, analysis, and reporting in easy to access and understand tools and dashboards.

Data Retrieval and Integration (ETL and TEMS)

  • Cross channel data from your digital Display, Video, Native, Web and App, email, social and other campaigns are collected and integrated for display, analysis, and reporting
  • Standard and custom data integrations including offline data
  • DatalyticsTM ETL logs into all your systems, retrieves your data, and maps fields into a unified dataset
  • DatalyticsTM TEMS identifies and maps the site, campaign, and ad tech detail data across the data sources

Analytics and Reporting

  • DatalyticsTM Analytics and Reporting displays for analysis, dashboarding, alerting, scheduling, and distributing you campaign and/or site ad revenue, costs, opportunities, optimizations, KPIs and measures.
  • Secure online solution with individual logins to dynamic, standard and custom, summary and detailed, analyses, and reports from all your campaign and property systems in one easy to use interface
  • DatalyticsTM easily integrates your data into a single holistic view of complex cross system metrics such as the following plus many more
  • For Marketers and Agencies impressions delivered and 3rd party discrepancies, viewability for delivery and 3rd party systems, domain, geo, delivery and 3rd Party CPM, CPC, and CPA, multi-channel campaign metrics, spend, costs, ROAS
  • For Publishers RPM (Revenue per 1k pages), RCPM (Realized Cost per 1K impressions to determine loss across ad tech stack), realized revenue, overall site and app fill rates, individual fill rates for all demand sources, paid based on ads served by publisher ad server
  • Inclusion of offline data
  • Option to load historical data


  • Secure solution with organization, user, client and campaign level security management
  • Metric level access and security for different organization access and roles
  • Automated daily data ingestion with validation, success, and failure alerting
  • Automated daily dashboards and reporting • Custom Data source detail mapping for publishers of sites, apps, publisher campaigns, demand sources
  • Custom Campaign data source detail mapping across CRM, ad servers, order systems, RTB, Publishers, email, social, display, video, OTT, Native, Search and more
  • Easy efficient addition of publisher demand sources for management and optimization
  • Automated addition of campaigns and supply sources
  • Data integration across all advertising and marketing technologies and systems
  • Fully managed customized solution including full customer access and advanced analysis capabilities
  • 24/7/365 managed services available for solution management, training, support, add UI/UX dashboard customizations, additional data integrations, custom metrics, and dimensions

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