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iSOCRATES has deep Email and Marketing Automation subject matter expertise, experience and teams focused on serving publishers, marketers, agencies, and suppliers 24/7/365 worldwide.

iSOCRATES offers end-to-end email services, including delivery, staffed by these full-time, dedicated Marketo, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Pardot, and Zeta specialists:

  • Account Manager
  • Project Lead
  • Campaign Manager
  • Graphic/Creative Designer
  • Email Specialist
  • Web Developer
  • HTML Coder
  • Data Analyst
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Sr. Data Developer to generate custom reports using SQL
  • Software Engineer to work on client-side/server-side scripting for creating dynamic email/newsletters
  • Other 3rd party tools and products
  • Second party and third-party data augmentation
  • Litmus support
  • Email Marketing strategy

Some of the other work done by these resources includes:

  • Design email and display creatives
  • PSD to HTML conversion
  • Data Hygiene
  • Improve deliverability

Account Manager

  • Advising partners on their overall business and communications strategies
  • Supporting sessions with partners, including taking thorough notes and contributing to the conversation
  • Developing and delivering a strategy document to a partner
  • Evaluating, prioritizing and predicting partners’ needs and having a clear understanding of what email marketing successes mean to them
  • Staying on top of the latest trends and techniques that not only affect the email marketing industry but also our partners’ businesses
  • Having a clear understanding of partner budgets and deadlines, and meet both regularly

Project Lead

  • Having a clear understanding of partner budgets and deadlines, and meet both regularly
  • Delivering thorough, detailed and relevant project management updates with partners and in staff meetings
  • Managing other team members to ensure that partners’ needs are being satisfied
  • Managing partners to ensure they meet media and project deadlines; proactively asking questions to ensure they have what they need
  • Leverage existing best practices for the benefit of partners
  • Generate email marketing campaigns and set goals that align with partners’ businesses
  • Educate partners on email marketing, email strategy and the best tools to fit their needs
  • Adapt partners’ existing email marketing tools and experience to work with the agency’s recommendations and campaigns when appropriate
  • Evaluate the impact of email marketing campaigns through business opportunities, website analytics, open rates, click throughs, etc.

Campaign Manager

  • Confirm completeness of CRF and assets-Review, edit and approve all email marketing materials developed by/shared by account managers/partners, including subjects, headlines, subheads, text, images, links, interactive features, etc.
  • Deliver feedback to account managers/partners on messaging, structure, grammar and spelling of all partner materials
  • Setup Campaign, Manage delivery of all materials on time and on budget
  • Ensure materials are revised, approved and distributed per partner feedback and instruction
  • Pre-flight QA and schedule final deployments
  • Monitoring campaign post-deployment to validate competition
  • Manage timeline
  • Communicate status during email development
  • Communicate utilization and campaign management performance metrics
  • Internal & External Reports

Graphic/Creative Designer

  • Meeting with partners to interpret the concepts they want to communicate and note their requirements.
  • Determining strategies to deliver a clear message to a particular target audience.
  • Preparing layouts or mock-ups of a design using illustration, text, photography, color and computer-generated imagery, either by hand or using computer software like Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator.
  • Presenting designs for partner approval and feedback.
  • Organizing the production of proofs and liaising with suppliers.
  • Preparing designs for digital or print publication.

Email Specialist/Web Developer

  • Perform discovery related to email campaigns/templates
  • Document campaign specific components of the Blueprint or Campaign Configuration Guide
  • Prepare Photoshop files as required, slicing/resizing images
  • Develop HTML & scripting logic for simple, medium or complex dynamic email campaigns/templates
  • Build emails via HTML paste or using ESP (Marketo) templates
  • Leverage Marketo tools and scripting languages to update content and enable subscriber personalization
  • Perform preliminary QA/testing using Litmus for proper content, functional and rendering performance
  • Manage subscriber data import and segmentation using Marketo tools
  • Manage customer approval and revision process through deployment of test sends

Data Analyst

  • Review audience list
  • Provide suggestions/work on data hygiene process to improve deliverability
  • Build/Maintain Audience list, Unsubscribe List, Suppression List, etc.
  • Prepare campaign performance reports

Quality Assurance Analyst

  • Review key aspects of the email design, build and deployment process to ensure the campaign meets customer requirement
  • Email rendering Test
  • Email content QA
  • Subscriber data import and segmentation, including dynamic content and subscriber personalization review
  • Perform functional testing (clicking links, confirming tracking data, CAN SPAM compliance, etc.)
  • Revisions QA

Sr. Database Developer

  • Analyze, design, develop and implement simple database queries as well as complex stored procedures, custom solutions and testing
  • Designs and implements innovative logic in MS SQL, SSIS and SSRS technologies using up to date techniques and software methodologies
  • Development and maintenance of database solutions to extract, cleanse, transform, load and maintain data
  • Ensure that all custom solutions meet business, performance requirements and data integrity
  • Assists in conducting need analysis for the development of new solution and/or the modification of existing solutions
  • Produce ad-hoc queries and develop reports to support business needs
  • Creates necessary technical and architectural documentation
  • Performance tuning and query optimization of existing applications and databases
  • Communicates effectively and collaboratively with other workers and partners
  • Ensures the integrity and security of institutional data

Marketo Administration

  • User Management-Set login passwords, roles and permissions, IP restrictions, URL expiration, audit trails and location settings
  • Sync with CRM
  • Customize Marketo email settings, communication limits and unsubscribe settings
  • Use tags and channels in Marketo
  • Manage Marketo-hosted landing pages
  • Perform other key admin tasks such as Field management and customization, Calendar entry types
  • Email Deliverability
  • Lead Management
  • Database Management and Data Governance
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Litmus support

Creative Services

iSOCRATES Creative Services and Development teams design, build and code/transcode email, social, banner, video, native, audio, and digital out of home creatives for a variety of scenarios:

  • Design, build and code/transcode email, banner and video creatives
  • Convert provided design instructions in the form of text with website links for image source to creative
  • Convert wire image to email creative
  • Gather requirements from multiple sources and build the creative
  • Well-versed in creating desktop as well as responsive email builds
  • Creatives are tested in multiple browsers and devices to make sure there are no rendering issues before final deployment
  • Banner creation for display and paid social creatives
  • Transcode and create all commercial video, audio, digital out of home, and Advanced TV/OTT formats
  • Access to creative resources, including copy, photography, video creation and editing
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