iSOCRATES Glossary of Programmatic Terms

Automated Guaranteed

A type of inventory that is reserved, has fixed pricing and incorporates a one seller-to-one buyer type of participation. Automated Guaranteed transactions are designed to automate direct sales through a publisher ad server’s API. Other terms used in the market to describe Automated Guaranteed Digital Media Inventory are: Programmatic Guaranteed, Programmatic Premium, Programmatic Direct and Programmatic Reserved. Prioritization in the ad server, the Deal ID, Data usage, Transparency to buyer and pricing floors are other things to consider as an impact to Automated Guaranteed Digital Media Inventory. The IAB OpenDirect specification, which standardized APIs and accelerated their development, allowed publishers to package and market their inventories at guaranteed volumes. Within a buying interface, marketers have direct access to a publisher’s packaged inventories. They have the ability to search and filter inventory offers based on: site, format, device, targeting, pricing, and another desired criterion. They can browse the goods, just as they would on an online shopping website. In addition, they can check available inventory, send booking requests, traffic campaigns and access reports all from a single interface. Moreover, publishers can accept or refuse booking requests, validate creative files and even propose a discounted price. In short, with the help of an ad server, a publisher can keep control of their inventory while leveraging additional sales.


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