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At iSOCRATES, we are not just invested in the leading edge of Marketing, Advertising, and Data technology (MADTech) – we are deeply committed to the continuous growth and development of our most valuable asset: our people. iSOCRATES Academy embodies this commitment, standing as a beacon of learning, upskilling, and professional empowerment within and outside of the MADTech landscape.

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Why iSOCRATES Academy?

Empowerment through Education: iSOCRATES Academy is our dedicated initiative to not only elevate the skills of our existing team members but also to meticulously prepare new entrants for the dynamic challenges of the MADTech industry. From basic orientations to advanced technical trainings, our Academy ensures that every participant is well-equipped, confident, and job ready.

Learn from the Best: The Academy is powered by our industry-leading professionals, who bring their real-world experiences, insights, and foresightedness into each session. Training with us means direct access to pioneering thoughts, innovative practices, and the very creators of solutions that define our industry’s future.

Gainsharing – A Core Value: At the heart of iSOCRATES Academy lies our principle of Gainsharing. We believe in the cyclical growth achieved through sharing knowledge and reinvesting our successes in the learning and development of our team. Gainsharing is not just about financial incentives; it’s about fostering a culture of collective progress, where every achievement elevates us all.

Global Reach, Local Touch: With headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida, and a global delivery center in Mysuru, Karnataka, our Academy leverages a diverse pool of talents and perspectives. This multicultural, inclusive approach enriches the learning experience, preparing you for the global stage of MADTech.

What We Offer:
  • Comprehensive Training Programs: From foundational skills to cutting-edge MADTech innovations, our curriculum covers it all.
  • Real-World Projects: Apply your learning to actual projects, gaining invaluable hands-on experience working individually and in teams.
  • Continuous Learning Pathways: With courses updated to reflect the latest in technology and market trends, your growth never stops.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers, mentors, and industry leaders, building relationships that will support your career journey.
Join Us:

iSOCRATES Academy @ iSOCRATES is more than a program – it’s a pathway to your future in the MADTech industry. Whether you are an experienced professional seeking to deepen your expertise or a passionate newcomer ready to make your mark, we offer the tools, knowledge, and community to help you succeed.

Ready to advance your career with a company that invests in your growth? Explore opportunities at iSOCRATES and be part of the future of MADTech.

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