iSOCRATES – Resources on Sourcing

iSOCRATES – Resources on Sourcing


Date Publication Article Title/Link
N/A The Agency Edge Research Series When, What – and Why – Clients Outsource to Agencies
N/A Orgami Logic Smarter, Not Harder Driving the Efficiency of In-House Programmatic
N/A Beeswax A Guide to In-housing Your Programmatic Strategy
10/15/2018 Pivotal Research Group ANA In-House Agency Report Analysis
10/15/2018 Twelve Top Takeaways from ANA In-House Agency Report
07/12/2018 Why brands favor a ‘hybrid’ in-house marketing approach
05/31/2019 Bayer saved at least $10 million after taking programmatic in-house
05/30/2019 ‘Too many unknowns’: Programmatic marketers sound off on transparency, in-housing challenges
03/22/2019 What Brands Want When Building In-House Agencies
04/03/2019 Bayer sees benefits from in-housing media
10/12/2018 Vodafone backtracks on plan to take programmatic ad buying in-house
02/04/2019 7 Major Brands Who’ve Brought Their Programmatic Advertising In House
09/17/2028 Nordstrom’s in-house programmatic payoffs
10/15/2018 ANA: Over Three-Quarters Of Our Members Have In-House Agencies
04/26/2019 Dual-Housing: D2C Brands Combine Agency Expertise, In-House Lower-Funnel Smarts
04/09/2019 How in-house agencies are acquiring talent
05/01/2019 How P&G is responding to the in-housing trend
10/23/2018 Bayer To Bring Programmatic In-House
04/22/2019 European Programmatic In-Housing: Adoption Rate, Benefits, Depth, and Types of In-House Buying Functions
11/02/2018 In-House Agencies, Good Or Bad? It Depends
04/15/2019 Thinking Of Going In-House? Think Again
04/19/2015 Why ‘Do It For Me’ Is The Next Big Thing
03/14/2016 DIY Is Losing Out to DIFM
02/22/2019 How Is The In-House Agency Trend Affecting Your Firm?
03/05/2019 The In-House to Outsource Conundrum
05/22/2019 In-Housing Is Supplementing, Not Replacing, Media Agencies
04/29/2019 Why Brands Still Face Challenges Bringing Programmatic In-House
07/16/2019 ANA Highlights In-House Agency Growth, Concerns
12/05/2018 The Missed Opportunity At In-House Agencies
10/23/2019 A Tale of Two Service Types: Do It For Me vs. Do It Yourself Reputation Management
10/08/2018 The Programmatic In-House Movement Is Another Facet Of Digital Transformation
09/07/2018 Keeping Marketing In-House Can Have Unintended Consequences
11/27/2018 Exclusive: Marketers Less Prone To Handle Programmatic In-House Than Agency Execs
10/11/2018 Brands are moving to in-house programmatic: Is it the right choice?
06/07/2019 4 Lessons From Building A Lean Organization
10/17/2019 The hidden costs of taking programmatic in-house
11/29/2018 Group M downgrades UK ad growth and warns in-housing is ‘a threat’
09/20/2018 Why In-Housing Programmatic Isn’t All-Or-Nothing Choice
04/22/2019 How To Help Agencies View Sourcing As Partner Rather Than Threat: Q&A With Schwab’s Avelar
04/17/2019 New Study Reveals Why In-House Programmatic Teams Struggle To Optimize Digital Media
04/18/2019 In-House Analytics Platforms Help Data-Obsessed Agencies
01/18/2019 Marketers Can Learn A Lot From In-House Agency Debate
08/30/2019 How to Write a Digital Marketing RFP that gets you the Right Agency Partner
09/13/2016 The 10 Crucial Elements of a Successful Marketing RFP
N/A Harris myCFO Outsourcing Your Family Office Services
08/27/2018 8/27/18In-house Agencies on Rise as Advertisers Seek Services Closer to Home
09/03/2019 Lessons On Moving Programmatic Buying In-House
05/10/2018 Should You Hire An Agency or In-House for Your Marketing Campaigns?
08/12/2019 Media in-housing tips from Bayer
07/25/2019 Brands Could ‘Kneecap’ Themselves Without the Right Talent on In-House Programmatic Teams
10/18/2019 ‘We realized we could pull it off’: 2 years in, Bayer is on track to take all digital media buying in-house by 2020
04/09/2019 Outsourcing vs Hiring In-house: The Pros and Cons to Your Business

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