Senior Data Scientist (SDS)

Title: Senior Data Scientist (SDS)

Employer: iSOCRATES

Reports to: Team Leader, Data and Analytics

Location: Mysuru, Karnataka, India  


Introducing iSOCRATES

iSOCRATES is the leading end-to-end provider of Programmatic Resource Planning and Execution serving publishers, marketers, agencies and their suppliers.

iSOCRATES has three lines of business: Strategic and Operations Consulting, Managed Service Platforms and Business Process Outsourcing. The company is owned by its employees and is headquartered in Saint Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A. with its global delivery center in Mysuru, Karnataka, India.

iSOCRATES is staffed 24/7/365 with proven specialists who save clients’ money and time achieving transparent, accountable performance while delivering extraordinary value. Savings stems from a low-cost, focused global delivery model at scale that benefits from continuous re-investment in technology and specialized training.

Job Description

iSOCRATES is looking to add a Senior Data Scientist (“SDS”) to its growing Data and Analytics team. The SDS will work as a member of the team that defines, describes, architects, reports on, analyzes, predicts, and proscribes all audience, campaign and related programmatic media trading data as well as select client-focused Managed Services on behalf of select supply-side and demand-side clients. The SDS will support all managers and teammates in their day-to-day media trading desk activities across a variety of digital and offline media channels including: display, mobile, video, social, native, and advanced TV/Audio ad products. The Data Scientist will report directly to the Team Leader, Data and Analytics. iSOCRATES is seeking qualified candidates to work on-site, full-time in Mysuru, India and who are eligible to travel to the U.S.


  • Hands-on experience with media and/or marketing data and analytical teams
  • Hands-on experience with structured and unstructured audience, pricing and contextual data, analytics and reporting
  • Hands-on experience with various rigorous statistical, econometric and Big Data methods to define requirements, design analytics solutions, analyze results, identify problems/opportunities, and optimize economic outcomes
  • Hands-on experience architecting and managing dynamic data from multiple disparate sources
  • Experience supporting programmatic, audience, CRM, DSP, DMP, and SSP systems is a plus
  • Strong analytical, data modeling, audience and price action data-focused sensibilities and skills is a requirement
  • Hands-on knowledge of DSPs, SSPs, DMPs is desired along with good understanding of integrating digital advertising and marketing data as it relates to creation, implementation, analysis, modeling, yield and optimization of supply and demand
  • The ability to manage your own work, multitask and work well with U.S., offshore and local team members is also required to be successful in this position
  • Excellent communication skills in English are required plus English presentation and client relation skills are a plus


The Senior Data Scientist’s (SDS) main responsibility is to be a great player-coach innovating and working hands-on in a team that:

  • Manages and architects a variety of data and analytic platforms & develops proprietary data and technology
  • Analyzes data and optimizes audience composition, audience value, media trading, content composition and campaign performance to ensure successful delivery and outcomes
  • Sources and manages 1st/2nd/3rd party audience, content, contextual, taxonomies and pricing data
  • Designs and delivers actionable client-focused results proactively and on-demand
  • Conceptualizes, architects, builds, manages and delivers unique, innovative data-driven media, marketing, analytics and reporting solutions for use by the Data and Analytics team, iSOCRATES Teams and iSOCRATES clients including automation by iSOCRATES Product

As a key member of the team, the SDS is responsible for:

  • Data requirements, relationships, design, architecture, models, management and evolution
  • Data collection implementations, management, quality assurance, validations and optimizations
  • Design and architecture of data collection, storage and analytics systems, specification, deployment and use of tools for in-depth, complex analysis, predictive models, reporting and visualization builds, deployments, management, maintenance and optimizations
  • Work directly with the Product and System development teams to design products for clients and operations on systems architected, implemented and managed by the data and analytics, development and support teams
  • Key deliverables for this role will be to analyze audience profiles, segments and attributes, revenue, value, bid behaviour, bid density, and anomalous trading behaviour as well as opportunities to create tradeable ad products and approaches
  • Working directly with DMPaaS, Traders, Yield, Operations, Finance, Sales, Business Development, Product, Development, Data and Analytics team members to insure reliable data quality, completeness, predictions and yield
  • Additional deliverables for this role will be to analyze ad inventory, eCPM, fill rate, audiences, and anomalous trading behaviour as well as opportunities to create tradeable ad products and approaches
  • Designing analytics dashboards and visualizations to monitor performance and develop optimizations of programmatic and audience informed media campaigns across business partners’ and client’s media channels: Website, Mobile Applications, Social Media platforms and more
  • Creating and delivering digital media audience insights and opportunities via advanced predictive modeling and analysis with the goal of offering real-time insights to key stakeholders ensuring campaigns are effectively analysed for successful performance as well as keeping internal teams informed of overall company and business partner performance patterns and opportunities

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Work with business partner teams to assist in their revenue-related content and audience planning
  • Support the development and analysis of audience extension and audience development initiatives across display, mobile, video, social formats and more
  • Responsible for the optimization around data operations efforts: collection and analytics standards, technology, latest innovations in measurement, modeling, data architecture, analysis, visualizations, process improvement, best practices, data platforms, data management, etc
  • Measure, analyze and optimize direct and programmatic data enhanced media campaigns for both supply and demand
  • Provide thorough projections and analysis of all performance metrics associated with individual campaigns, properties, clients and business units
  • Provide ongoing support to DMPaaS Partner Success, and Product (iSOCRATES Datalytics)
  • Support the Leader, Data & Analytics and DMPaaS with standard and custom audience analysis and reports daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, ad-hock time periods and time period comparisons, as well as other monetization related efforts specifically tied to iSOCRATES Data Enhanced MediaTM opportunities and campaign delivery
  • Develop Machine Learning and Deep Learning-based approaches to audience- and non-audience-based ad inventory price-value discovery and optimization

Required/Desired Skills/Experience

  • At least 5 years in Data and Predictive analytics design, build, modeling, mining, analysis, reporting and optimization with Publisher-side and/or Agency Operations experience at data provider, major media firm and/or Agency and/or Exchange and/or Ad Network
  • Minimum 3 years Publisher and/or Advertiser Audience Data Analytics and Modeling experience desired
  • Bachelor Degree required (Masters and/or Ph.D, preferred, in Math/Statistics/Engineering/Science/Business)
  • Mastery of statistics, data collection, storage, management, mining and modeling, business intelligence, digital analytics and tools (i.e., Python,, scikit and related ML libraries, Spark, mySQL, APIs, AWS, S3, etc.)
  • Experience in data architecture, databases, ETL, SQL, analysis, reporting and visualization, cloud-based distributed computing and predictive modeling is required
  • Strong understanding of digital advertising and digital data: website and email display advertising, social media, audience identification and targeting, etc
  • Experience building first-party and second-party data strategies including creation of hierarchies and first-party data attributes and segments. Experience designing, building, targeting and managing DMP-based Audience Segments from 1st/2nd/3rd Party Data
  • Experience with at least some of the following sytems: AppNexus, Salesforce Audience Studio (formerly known as Salesforce DMP), Adobe Audience Manager, Oracle Audience Manager, LOTAME, Google DFP, DFA, DBM, AdX, TMS, Analytics, FreeWheel, JW Player, tag creation and tag management, Operative, The TradeDesk, MediaMath, Beeswax, meta-DSPs, and/or multi-SSP configurations
  • Machine Learning (Logistic regression, Customer segmentation, Profiling, Scoring), Math and Statistical approaches and languages including: R, open source libraries like mldb and Python Experience in programmatic or auction-based media
  • Interest and ability to work in a fast-paced operation on the analytics and revenue side of our business
  • Open for relocation to Mysuru and travel to the U.S

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