MADTechAITM Needs Analysis

Welcome! To help you determine if MADTechAI™ is right for you, please take a few minutes to answer some questions about your data, analytical, reporting, and alerting needs.

Estimated time to complete: <10 minutes

MADTechAI™ Need Analysis
Company Size (FTE)
Tell us About Your Organization - Lets Talk About Your Data Culture
Who will be using MADTechAI™?
Does your organization use G Suite(Google)?
Tell us About Your Data - This is where we cover the Technical points.
What are the number of unique data sources to be integrated with MADTechAI™ by iSOCRATES?
Where do you gather your data from or which specific data sources iSOCRATES needs to integrate? Select all that apply (You can specify your data source name if your required data source is not found in the list below)
Do you currently store your data in any of the below databases or data warehouses? (Skip this question if it's not relevant or you're not sure.)
What Key Performance Indicators do you need to track? Select all that apply (You can specify your metric name if your required metric is not found in the list below)
Do you use any formal naming conventions as it relates to labeling your data?
Tell us about your requirements - What are some basic functionalities you need to have?
Type(s) of users and how many MADTechAI™ user accounts are needed?
Design Users
Reader Users
How many new dashboards and scorecards are needed per year?
At minimum, how frequently do you want MADTechAI™ to update?
Do you want to “white label” your MADTechAI™ or make it conform to your brand identity?
What will be your main screen(s) for using MADTechAI™? Select all that apply.
Does your organization's data need to comply with any security regulations? Select all that apply. (Skip this question if it's not relevant or you're not sure.)
Tell us about your wish list - What are some other features you would like to have in MADTechAI™?
The ability to "filter" your data with specific dimensions? (e.g. break down your results by date range, region, OS, referral)
The ability to blend and merge your data from different sources/platforms.
The ability to save data visualizations in PDF, image formats, Powerpoint, Keynote.
The ability to schedule and email “snapshots” of a dashboard.
The ability to set alerts and receive notifications whenever you reach a goal or limit.
The ability to see usage statistics (e.g., who logs into MADTechAI™ and when, what they see)
Tell us about your plans - This is where we think long term.
What is your annual budget for licensing MADTechAI™?
What is your desired time frame for rolling out MADTechAI™?
What is your desired Term of Contract?
What is your desired support response time?

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