MADTech AI ROI Calculator

Find out if you can earn 2x, 5x,10x or much more on your Media and Marketing AI investment

Discover a FREE, no obligation ROI framework from iSOCRATES, the global AI specialists, that you can use to project your organization’s return on investment from a platform for Media and Marketing Artificial Intelligence (what iSOCRATES calls MADTech AI).

Our simple methodology will show you exactly what you can save or make investing a new AI solution. The model covers:Data Wrangling/Consolidation, Data Visualization, Reporting, Analytics, and the estimated time and resources that currently and prospectively make up your organization’s overall Artificial Intelligence costs.

Use this FREE iSOCRATES tool to play “what if” and help yourself make a better case to management on why incremental investing in MADTech AI is well worth it.

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