Marketer Managed Service Platform

iSOCRATES’ trusted adviser approach to Managed Service is a proven, affordable way for marketers to gain access to must-have, state-of-the-art technologies and the hard-to-find/hard-to-keep professional staff necessary to operate them.

Measured by your partner and operating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), our goal is to enhance your enterprise ROI and service levels while reducing otherwise distracting managerial requirements and expensive ongoing technology and personnel investments.

The iSOCRATES Marketer Managed Service Platform provides essential technology supported by a proven staff of specialists experienced in: media trading, ad operations, media strategy and planning, campaign management, data science, analytics, reporting, project management, systems, engineering, accounting, and controls.

iSOCRATES’s purpose built Marketer MSP is uniquely positioned to contribute value, saving agencies money and time while quickly, measurably, delivering more in the following areas designed to improve agency growth and profitability;

Media Trading and Ad Operations

iSOCRATES provides 100% desktop and mobile ad inventory fill via direct and indirect demand supported by dedicated Yield Manager, billing, reconciliation, accounting, and disbursement. Dedicated, full-time partner success, yield management, audience management and optimization. Services that may be contracted for include:

  • Dedicated Ad Operations team to support Direct
  • Private Marketplace, Video, and all Exchange-based Sales.
  • Display, video, in-app, and native ad support and optimization
  • Google DFP ad server and Google Adx exchange
  • Google Ad Words/AdSense integration and management
  • AppNexus/OAS ad server, DSP & SSP Extensive experience working with many other SSPs, DSPs, ad networks and DMPs
  • Audience and site campaign retargeting and remarketing
  • Data strategy, marketing and sales
  • Implement and support tag management and optimization
  • Advertiser and agency relations
  • Management and staff augmentation
  • Legal forms development and contracting
  • Accounting, Receivables management and collection


A DMP is a centralized data management platform that lets you create target audiences based on a combination of in- depth first-party and third-party audience data. Use this DMP to accurately target creative and campaigns to these audiences across your media buys. Measure with accuracy which creative and campaigns performed the best across segments and channels to refine your media buys and ad creative over time. DMPs have grown tremendously in popularity the past few years and continue to attract keen interest from publishers, agencies and marketers anxious to gain audience insights, improve monetization and/or achieve incremental media and marketing audience understanding, efficiencies and effectiveness. Services that may be contracted for include:

  • A fully staffed and managed Salesforce Audience Studio (formerly known as Salesforce DMP), yours or sharing ours
  • DMP systems monitoring and management included
  • DMP data collection for all specified websites, campaigns, email and apps
  • Implementation management and support with multiple implementation options
  • Monthly Audience Reports including site and campaign profiles, top audiences, Geo-locations
  • Monthly updated Media Kit for your site(s)
  • Dedicated or Shared Partner Support, your choice
  • 1st/2nd/3rd party data strategy execution with management resources
  • 5,000+ pre-built DMP Audience Segments for analytics, reporting, marketing, development and media targeting, including:
    • In Market: Auto, CPG, Retail, Financial, Consumer Services, Sports/Entertainment
    • Media Consumption
    • Demo: Age, Gender, Income, Net Worth
  • Family, Home Owner/Renter
    • Behavioral: Social, Political, Interests
    • Retail: Purchases Online and Offline
    • Psychographic: Lifestage, Lifestyle
    • Context: site/app-page-level content
    • Location: country, state, city, metro, zip, geo-fence, household/establishment, longitude/latitude, polygon
    • Plus many, many more
  • Custom Segmentation & Modeling available
  • Data Science & Machine Learning available

iSOCRATES DatalyticsTM

DatalyticsTM is a cloud-based unified Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Data, Analytics and Reporting Suite with on-demand partner and audience analytics, dashboards, scorecards and alerts. Services that may be contracted for include:

  • Digital property, Campaign, Content and Audience Analysis
  • Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics implementation, integration, analytics and support available
  • Ad inventory forecasting and valuation available

Data Science

Data science is the application of statistical, mathematical, and machine learning methods to optimize and improve the business objectives set forth by our agency partners. We apply the most effective mathematical and statistical principles to analyze and identify problems and possible solutions, and then develop an end-to-end pipeline to put our theories into production. Our data scientists apply tools from applied statistics and mathematics, in addition to tools found in machine learning to analyze data, find areas of improvement, and design procedures that will optimize campaigns and business objectives. Services that may be contracted for include:

  • iSOCRATES team’s dedicated Data Scientists can be engaged to augment our DatalyticsTM Data, Analytics and Reporting Suite
  • Build custom reporting and analysis including integration of ad server, monetization, audience and web analytics
  • Custom Audience Segmentation, Attribution, Lookalike modeling, multi-touch attribution, and other modeling available on request and as services
  • MOAT viewability analysis and reporting
  • Custom modeling and algorithm development
  • 1st Party data strategy, onboarding, taxonomization, segmentation, analysis, modeling and valuation
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