Media and Marketing AI ROI:

Determining and Realizing Return on Investment from
Media and Marketing Artificial Intelligence Platforms

Media Marketing AI ROI

Whether you’re a digital publisher, marketer, agency or data/tech provider, the right Artificial intelligence (AI) solution is essential. The optimal AI solution can be the best insurance policy for systematically reducing reis and maximizing profitable growth… if it is selected and implemented efficiently and effectively.

Investing in AI for media and marketing, however, is not inexpensive. To gain buy-in for such a purchase from executives, financial controllers, and other concerned stakeholders, you need to provide them with relevant information and solid data on expected payback and ROI.

Download your free iSOCRATES GUIDE today and find out:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what is MADTech AI (aka Media and Marketing AI or MarTech/AdTech AI).
  • MADTech AI vs AI
  • Stakeholders who benefit from MADTech AI
  • What is the MADTech AI ROI calculator?
  • What inputs are necessary to use the ROI calculator?
  • Sample AI ROI calculator questions
  • Who is the intended audience for the ROI calculator?
  • What benefits are derived from using the AI ROI calculator?
  • What are some of the risks worth considering in using the ROI calculator?
  • How should a user of the ROI calculator present this information to financial, technical and senior management?
  • What are typical objections to investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and media- and marketing-specific AI?
  • Learn how to access the FREE iSOCRATES MADTech AI ROI Calculator.

Get the facts and a rigorous, repeatable framework for in-depth “AI software investment decision-making” in this helpful and comprehensive GUIDE that is the companion to the iSOCRATES MADTech AI ROI Calculator.

Reading time: <20 minutes

“It’s hard to imagine anything more important to our firm or more difficult to deliver than Media and Marketing AI done right. Being rigorous about measuring the ROI of Media and Marketing AI gives us the confidence to keep investing in it and in our growth plans.”

– Mark Ingles, President, Robert Graham Enterprises


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