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Leading B2B Multichannel Publisher Chooses Managed Services and End-to-End BPO

Case Type: Specialized B2B online and events publisher engaged iSOCRATES to manage all their ad operations services. Additionally, they required a method to provide their management and sales reps with continuously updated inventory availability.

Partner Type: A leading media company in the MarTech industry, this company provides content and marketing solutions for internet marketers and the digital marketing industry. The company also produces numerous internet marketing conferences.        

Challenge: Publisher needed dedicated ad operations experts to handle increasing complex partner requirements as well as day-to-day campaign management.

Solution: iSOCRATES was engaged to manage all ad operations functions, including execution of display campaign launches, delivery, analytics, reporting results, and overseeing ad inventory. iSOCRATES is also tasked with responding to agency RFPs, providing insight into best practices and recommending new and innovative advertising solutions. Additionally, iSOCRATES provided this Publisher partner with an automated on-demand online inventory avails system.

Approach: iSOCRATES assigned a Developer to develop the inventory availability solution and dedicates a Campaign Manager to handle all campaign implementation, reporting requirements, and inventory management. An iSOCRATES Account Manager is assigned to manage agency/partner relationships, respond to RFPs, and research and recommend new advertising opportunities.

Results: The on-demand Inventory project was built and delivered from scratch in just 3 weeks with partner data pulled via API from the company’s instance of DFP and delivered in Google Sheets. The partner reports being very satisfied with the result and is seeking to expand its revenue and delivery operations support business relationship with iSOCRATES. For less than the cost of a full-time employee, the partners’ campaigns are trafficked promptly and effectively with experienced managerial oversight. Partner sales reps rely on iSOCRATES personnel to communicate and resolve issues with their partner and agencies, freeing up scarce, valuable time to concentrate on selling.

Leading Publisher Selects End-to-End Managed Services

Partner Type: A leading publicly-traded U.S. omnichannel consumer publisher engaged iSOCRATES to manage all Monetization and Ad Operations services.

Challenge: While managing dramatic growth through acquisition, the partner faced the challenge of connecting and managing an increasingly broad set of monetization and ad operation systems with inadequate staff and technology.

Solution: After hearing of iSOCRATES’ Managed Service Platform, the partner engaged iSOCRATES to migrate all operations to a unified DFP / DSP / DMP / SSP platform as well as provide guidance for yield management, billing, reconciliation accounting, collection, and remittance. The iSOCRATES team also established and manages a Private Marketplace (PMP) for publisher and has curated 18+ programmatic demand partnerships for this marketplace.

iSOCRATES provides 100% desktop and mobile ad inventory fill via direct and indirect demand supported by a dedicated Account Manager, ad operations and trafficking. Full reporting and analytics services are provided via DatalyticsTM, iSOCRATES’s own cloud-based comprehensive unified Data, Analytics and Reporting Suite with on-demand dashboards, scorecards and alerts.

Results: After the initial 30-day set-up period, the publisher consistently achieved eCPMs 20% higher than peak historical levels and fill rates that are 5% higher than ever achieved. The publisher also reduced its non-editorial digital media operating costs by 38%. The net impact thus far is a 13% overall increase in the profitability of the publisher’s digital media business.

Leading Email and CRM Agency Joint Ventures with iSOCRATES To Create Value Added Media Trading Desk

Case Type: Joint venture to leverage unique data management capabilities of iSocrates’ team of traders and DMP staffed by expert data managers and data scientists.

Partner Type: Global consumer data and tech-based multichannel agency.

Challenge: Dissatisfied with legacy internal efforts to provide conventional media trading solutions for its partners, senior leadership engaged iSOCRATES to deliver enhanced data-driven media trading solutions staffed by deeply experienced programmatic planners and traders.

Solution: Form a Joint Venture with iSOCRATES to gain the necessary expertise, technologies, and unique transactional processes to improve media trading performance, reporting and analytics, and partner service.

Approach: iSOCRATES linked the partner’s API-based systems into our multiple DSP / SSP seat configuration integrated with our iSOCRATES customized Salesforce Audience Studio (formerly known as Salesforce DMP) populated with over 5,000 proprietary audience targeting segments. Created and documented JV pre-pitch sales and marketing training and partner-facing materials. Developed customized Media Strategy / Media Planning and new Reporting and Analytics processes for the JV management team and partners.

Results: Consistently exceeds partner campaign goals with timely reporting while delivering above average profit margins. Generates detailed display and omnichannel proposals for many major prospects and partners resulting in millions in new partner revenue.

Major Coupon/Incentives Publisher Outsources Salesforce Audience Studio (formerly known as Salesforce DMP) Management and Data Science

Overview: Top 10 Publicly-held, global multi-platform media company, North American division

Situation: Hands-on data and analytics staff augmentation and Execution to support growth of digital revenue in a sustainable fashion

Solution: Selected appropriate platform technology, negotiated advantageous terms, implemented system and provide multi-year maintenance of DMP to allow the partner to develop proprietary and partner-led shopper data-driven programmatic and non-programmatic digital media products and capabilities

Approach: iSOCRATES became the project management of partner’s Salesforce Audience Studio (formerly known as Salesforce DMP) including their App's Data analysis, taxonomization and setup for ingestion to Salesforce Audience Studio. The approach used was to Transfer of Cleint segments to DSP, Unruly, AppNexus, Zeta, Infogroup and other Delivery Partners via the Salesforce Audience Studio, Acxiom, Neustar, and/or any other delivery method, available in platform, required or preferred by the Delivery Partner and optimize Delivery Partner audiences for campaign impression delivery and to meet campaign goals. Additionally, iSOCRATES fully activated and optimized the Salesforce Audience Studio for the partner.

Results: With the support of the iSOCRATES Data & Analytics team partner is now leveraging the platform with over custom 5,000 segments to develop a unified ID that merges anonymous and personally identifiable identities that can then be used to establish a single view of the customer across multiple channels. The partner is on track to grow the business from $30M to over $160M over the next five years.

Major MarTech Provider Selects iSOCRATES for Media Trading Desk and DMP-as-a-Service Managed Service Platform

Partner Type: Global independent CRM and E-mail technology and marketing services provider

Case Type: Joint venture to leverage data management capabilities of iSOCRATES team of traders and DMP expert data scientists and related staff.

Challenge: Sophisticated marketing services firm with Global 2000 clientele sought domain expert partner capable of providing comprehensive, competitive white label programmatic data-driven media services.

Solution: iSOCRATES provides the partner with transparent Demand-Side and Supply-Side Managed Service including end-to-end media planning and execution of display trades on a forward or at-expiration basis buying and selling single or omnichannel programmatic and non-programmatic US and international advertising inventory.

iSOCRATES provides the partner and their partners on a white-label basis comprehensive audience data and analytics services including Data Management Platform support and custom modeling.

iSOCRATES also provides pre-sales marketing support, ad trafficking and serving, and continuous campaign reporting and analytics. The partner provides specific brand and direct response marketer demand in the form of insertion orders while ISOCRATES provides all needed expertise, technology, personnel and reporting on a favorable cost basis.

Approach: iSOCRATES linked the partner’s API-based systems into our multiple DSP / SSP seat configuration integrated with our iSOCRATES customized Salesforce Audience Studio (formerly known as Salesforce DMP) populated with over 5,000 proprietary audience targeting segments. Created and documented JV pre-pitch sales and marketing training and partner-facing materials. Developed customized Media Strategy / Media Planning and new Reporting and Analytics processes for the JV management team and partners.

Results: Consistently exceeds partner campaign goals with timely reporting while delivering above average profit margins. Generates detailed display and omnichannel proposals for many major prospects and partners resulting in millions in new partner revenue.

Premium Publisher Outsources Monetization and Ad Operations, Doubles Revenue First Year

Partner Type: Leading Astrology publisher with 1.2M monthly unique visitors and an average of 40 million ad impressions per month, before becoming a customer of iSOCRATES’s Managed Service Platform.

Challenge: For over ten years, one experienced ad sales executive and a part time ad operations person sold 40% to 50% of available Display ad impressions each month at CPMs of $0.40 – $0.80. Revenue was flat for years.

Solution: In June 2016, the CEO and Publisher ordered iSOCRATES’s Managed Service Platform, retaining the iSOCRATES team to manage all ad operations, including programmatic and non-programmatic monetization.

Results: Revenue improved by 2x within four months. The business grew up 23% in the following year.

Digital Publisher Increases Revenue 30%+ with iSOCRATES

Partner Type: Category-leading digital publisher

Challenge: How to increase digital revenue for a publisher with current monetization partners in place without diminishing the user experience or increasing the ad load.

Approach: iSOCRATES provided the partner with the following:

  • Performed an audit of current monetization partners, to identify low performing sources
  • Researched alternatives to the partner’s current monetization partners, taking into account advertising types, page load requirements and size of advertisements
  • iSOCRATES recommended multiple vendors to test within existing ad stack and new external ad placements
  • A+B tested the new monetization solutions against each other and the current monetization solution
  • Provided daily reports for the A+B test, making sure to include revenue, user interaction and page speed metrics
  • After a 30-day test iSOCRATES presented the monetization solution best suited to increase revenue without impacting user experience
  • Implemented the new monetization solution across the entire network
  • iSOCRATES acts as the point of contact for the new monetization solution, handling all upgrades, new technology and payments
  • Continue to provide partner with up to date reporting, including monthly meetings on the status of the current solutions and forecasts for the coming months. Suggest changes or optimizations as required

Results: Partner saw a 30%+ uplift in revenue with new monetization solution with iSOCRATES management.

“iSOCRATES has been an important partner to me for many years” - Susan Miller (Founder,

Multi-Platform Publisher Grows Revenue While Enhancing User Experience With Video Tech

Partner Type: B2B Multi-Property Publishing company

Challenge: iSOCRATES partner requested new web-monetization solutions to improve sales offerings and increase monthly ad revenue.

Approach: iSOCRATES completed audit of partner’s inventory to identify monetization opportunities for the Publisher. iSOCRATES experts presented audit findings and recommendation to integrate in-banner video for existing inventory and provided plan to operationalize the solution for sales. Go-to market deliverables executed on behalf of partner included:

  • Built out a custom video tag, which seamlessly integrated video ads from the partner’s advertisers
  • Completed testing on the partner’s site(s) to ensure delivery had minimal impact on the site’s ad times
  • Prepared template line items within tag manager allowing for easy application for new advertisers
  • Prepped for ongoing management of all video ad units for partner
  • Provided initial avails forecast for new unit allowing the partner to presell impressions based on historical and relevant traffic data

Solution: Activate in-banner video solution leveraging existing inventory across partner’s B2B websites.

Results: Partner is now able to demand 20% higher CPMs from their advertising partners resulting in increased inventory fill-rates, average CPMs and rCPMs, and overall revenue.

Publisher Services Agency Uses DatalyticsTM To Create Multi-Property Reporting

Case Type: Custom engineering of an existing SaaS visualization and unified reporting service

Partner Type: Agency supporting many different publishers’ ad inventory monetization, yield and data needs

Challenge: Convert a legacy reporting platform into a new partner-facing DFP Reporting System to create new digital revenue streams in economically responsible ways that meaningfully increase the growth of digital revenue in a sustainable fashion.

Solution: Review and adopt the existing DFP Reporting System then build, support, maintain, and document the new DFP Reporting System.

Approach: Began by identifying, investigating, documenting, and managing all current functionalities, including: system architecture, Drupal framework and integration, solution code management and security, system modules and APIs, data collection, storage, schema, analysis, queries, and report generation, data QA, maintenance and management processes, report generation architecture, email system architecture, generation, scheduling and delivery, UI architecture, UI functioning training, use and management guide.

New product functionality includes, but is not limited to: UI, architecture, data systems, APIs, reports, and security.

Results: The iSOCRATES team successfully completed the full Knowledge Transfer from the in-house technology team. This allowed the Partner’s technology team to take on a number of new higher value initiatives while have reliable access to and maintenance of on ongoing SaaS visualization and unified reporting service. Additionally, iSOCRATES set up and maintains data storage in the database with relations by using mysql schema for the partner to ensure the database is constantly monitored and updated. By leveraging detailed technical documentation authored by the iSOCRATES team consistent on-going QA is accurately conducted for the partner on a regular schedule.

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