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Data and Analytics Meets Acquisition, Activation and Retention Best Practices

Know who your BEST visitors, prospects, members, and donors are and how BEST to engage them

iSOCRATES can help.

Since 1985, iSOCRATES (formerly known as SIGMA Data Insights) has helped museums, zoos, aquariums, schools and other nonprofits and membership organizations develop data-driven strategies for targeted communications and media placement leading to increased visitation, acquisition, activation and renewal.

We start by helping you understand the demographic, geographic, psychographic attitudinal, and behavioral characteristics of your prospects, visitors, members, and donors like you never have before. iSOCRATES will help you to determine your Total Addressable Market, including lookalikes based upon your current best audiences.

We then help you translate that into more success using our proven Artificial Intelligence-based technology, proprietary profiling and segmentation systems, data mining, and innovative media and marketing strategies and planning.

Combining forces with SIGMA Data Insights in summer 2023, iSOCRATES offers a full range of end-to-end data and analytics as well as media and marketing services. Combined, we’ve been all about both for nonprofits and membership organizations since 1985.

While the technology we use and the complexity of the data we analyze continues to change and mature, our mission has remained the same…create more profitable prospect/visitor/customer/member/donor relationships through analytics, marketing and advertising technology, data-driven strategy, and media and marketing planning and execution.

iSOCRATES specialist teams work hard to ensure to create a collaborative environment where clients and partners talk candidly with senior leadership, develop insights with data scientists, executive and optimize tech integrations, and map out multichannel acquisition and activation solutions with our client engagement team. Our combined teams serve the needs of nonprofit and membership-based organizations such as museums, zoos, aquariums, associations, schools, and nonprofits of all types.

Membership and nonprofit organizations look to our teams to deliver insights about their prospects, visitors, customers, members, and benefactors. To make insights actionable, we build engagement strategies and multi-channel customer journey campaigns designed to turn prospects into visitors, visitors into customers, customers into members, and members into loyal donors.

The two classic problems faced by all non-profit and member-based organizations:

  1.  Acquiring new customers/members: which of your prospects look like your best members?
  2.  Retaining current customers/members: are there any members that are at risk for non-renewal?

Imaging a world where every visitor interaction becomes a captivating journey of discovery. For museums, zoos, aquariums, schools, associations, and other nonprofit and membership organizations, this transformation is possible through the power of data.

What Story Does Your Data Tell?

Whether you are early in your data journey or already down the path, our team brings the expertise and industry knowledge to make your data work for you.

Amplifying Impact for Mission-Driven Organizations

How we help Our Membership Client-Partners

    • Bringing disparate data sources together to create 360-degree view of visitors and members
    • Establishing, tracking, and visualizing key institutional metrics
    • Uncovering visitor and member insights to inform strategy and planning
    • Developing predictive analytics to support key growth goals
    • Implementing a member journey communication strategy
Our Approach to Delivering Results

How well do you really know your visitors and members?

Understanding who your visitors and members are:

  • Demographic data will assist in better understanding who are your best members
  • Determine how big a role does location impact decision to become a member

Understanding your “ideal” members’ interests:

  • Appending interest data to your current members allows you to focus in on what’s important to your ideal member

Understanding how your members are engaging:

  • Renewing members usually visit early and often as they begin their memberships
  • Repeat visits are vital for renewal and the period over which they take place is equally important
  • Are members visiting your website, have they opted-in and open your emails?

Profiling and Segmentation are tools that will enable you to answer these questions.

Tracking Metrics is Key to Optimizing Campaign Performance

Our client-partners want actionable insights:

  • Knowledge at their fingertips
  • Flexible reporting capabilities:
    • Membership filters
    • Demographic and Interest filters
  • In depth reporting for all audiences:
    • Visitors
    • Active members
    • Lapsed members
    • Donors
    • Renewal rates
    • Email campaign activity

iSOCRATES has invented the ideal artificial intelligence platform purpose-built to track and optimize this activity: MADTechAI™. MADTechAI™ is the unified Marketing, Advertising, and Data Intelligence Platform. The platform is cloud-based, supports real-and-near real-time data and analytics, available on-demand, and is composed of seven key components:

  • Data Sources
  • Data Consolidation
  • Data Lake
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Self-Service Access
  • Full Service Support
MADTech Enables Smart Membership and Marketing Programs and MROI

So, what is MADTech?

MADTech combines automation, artificial intelligence, real-time auction-based electronic trading, other new and emerging technologies and processes, and specialized skills and capabilities to achieve incremental effectiveness and efficiency in an increasingly complex and fast-moving world.

iSOCRATES’s MADTechAI™ Nonprofit Suite is the unified Marketing, Advertising, and Data Intelligence Platform purpose-built to deliver Speed to Value for MarTech and AdTech serving nonprofit museums, zoos, aquariums, schools, associations, and other organizations.

The MADTechAI™ Platform is cloud-based, supports real-and near real-time data and analytics, available on-demand, and is composed of seven key components:

  • Data Sources (MarTech and AdTech plus disparate data like financials and operations)
  • Data Consolidation (ETL: data integration, and TEMS: data matching)
  • Data Lake (AWS Cloud-based, multi-node, multi-core, virtually infinitely scalable, secure)
  • Data Science (Comprehensive models and sandbox)
  • Artificial Intelligence (Campaign and Enterprise: Data Models, Analytics, Data Visualization, Reports, and Alerts)
  • Self-Service Access
  • 24/7/365, Full Service Global Support (Training, Managed and Professional Services)

The platform has its own data warehouse and pre-built and customizable data integrations, dashboards and scorecards to support C-levels and their reports, including V.P.s, Directors, Managers, Team Leaders and line operators with need for comprehensive top-down and bottom-up data, information and actionable insight.

To learn more about MADTechAI, click here.

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