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“iSOCRATESTM doubled my Revenue”
-Premium Content Publisher

Partnering with iSOCRATESTM also saved this Publisher 27% in operational costs creating annual savings of $683k.

Having access to iSOCRATESTM is a real game changer for us giving our firm flexibility and access to specialists at a cost and scale we just could not afford otherwise.
-Digital Agency

iSOCRATESTM saved this agency 32% in operational costs worth annual savings of more than $1.2mm.

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Take this FREE no obligation short survey to determine exactly how much money your organization might save each month moving various media and marketing back office functions to iSOCRATESTM outsourced, but wholly transparent Managed Service Platform (MSP).

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The intent of the questions is to provide you with a reasonable comparison to what you may receive shifting some or all of a variety of activities to the iSOCRATESTM Managed Service Platform.
View Your Report
Upon completion of the survey, you will immediately receive a succinct, but detailed breakdown relating what you have shared with what iSOCRATESTM MSP can do for you.  A sample of this breakdown is available for your reference via the link below.
Increase Savings
The ones that choose to partner us save Money, increase Focus on what matters most, and make more Money with iSOCRATESTM, The Global Leader in Media and Marketing Resource Planning and ExecutionTM.


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Premium Publisher Outsources Monetization and Ad Operations to iSOCRATESTM: A Success Story


Leading Astrology website with 1.2M monthly unique visitors and an average of 40 million ad impressions per month, before becoming a customer of iSOCRATESTM Managed Service Platform.


For over ten years, one experienced ad sales executive and a part time ad operations person sold 40% to 50% of available Display ad impressions each month at CPMs of $0.40 – $0.80. Revenue was flat for years.

Results (prior year index to 100)

Revenue improved by 2x within four months. The business grew at a rate of 23% for the last twelve months.


Welcome to Astrology Zone


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Digital Agency Outsources Programmatic Planning, Buying and Reporting/Analytics to iSOCRATES: Another Success Story


Specialist digital media and marketing agency with strong vertical focus must lower its operating costs to both be competitive and profitable.


The agency had always executed things in-house, even if personnel turnover caused consistent challenges and a tight labor market often meant unfilled revenue-producing or supporting roles. Increasingly, market conditions required that the agency expand its offerings often in areas where the agency lacked expertise, consistent demand, and affordable platform access.


By adding new media channels and data capabilities while reducing agency overhead, this iSOCRATES client-partner added important new sources of revenue and reduced costs dramatically. In fact, annualized revenue improved 15% within six months and operating costs decreased by another 20% annualized. Total economic improvement for this agency during the first 12 months was over 30%.


What’s In The Survey?

This confidential survey will ask you a few brief questions about your digital operations, current resource allocation, practices and needs related to:

Media Trading
Ad Operations
Yield Managment
Media Strategy
Media Planning
Data and Analytics


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Take this FREE no obligation short survey to determine exactly how much money your organization might save each month moving various media and marketing back office functions to iSOCRATESTM outsourced, but wholly transparent Managed Service Platform (MSP).

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