1st Party Data Activation Saves $150k+
First Six Months

Case Type: Strategic followed by operational data-related consulting on behalf of omnichannel Media Company

Partner Type: A leading Shopper Marketing publisher/agency that provides a broad network of shopper media, incentive platforms and custom merchandising services, which influence the purchasing decisions of online and offline shoppers across U.S. and Canada

Challenge: Develop capability and ability for iSOCRATES client-partner to leverage its 1st Party purchase behavior data to provide market differentiation against competitors, and drive data cost savings and improved performance using 1st Party data for Paid Digital campaigns

Solution: iSOCRATES Data Consulting and Managed Services’ data solution that enables client-partner to activate 1st Party data segments across MADTech media channels. First Party data evaluation, segmentation strategy, data taxonomy development, onboarding and digital media activation

Approach: iSOCRATES’ first step was to organize and complete a series of project immersion sessions with the Partner. The sessions established stakeholders, objectives, timing expectations, and provided iSOCRATES’ team an introduction to the existing 1st Party data.

iSOCRATES used all inputs from the briefings to develop a requirements document, project plan and proposed budget to present and confirm client-partner approval to kick-off the execution phase. This phase also included the iSOCRATES team establishing with the client-partner access and usage protocols to ensure compliance with all PII guidelines and regulations.

Following approval, iSOCRATES completed a comprehensive deep-dive assessment and operational analysis of the Partner’s 1st Party data to develop an overall profile of the available consumer purchase-behavior data and to provide a related detailed taxonomy recommendation on how best to structure and maximize its value.

iSOCRATES’ final delivery phase was to develop go-to-market and an internal training methodology with supporting materials then train the identified stakeholder teams on the activation process that included the ongoing management of the 1st Party data and the building and provisioning of audience segments to the applicable campaign activation platforms for MADTech display/video, MADTech digital out-of-home, Email and Paid Social.

Results: iSOCRATES delivered the initiative successfully providing the Partner an ongoing 1st Party data solution to drive cost savings and campaign performance while establishing market differentiation selling points for its sales efforts. In just the first six months of full deployment post-testing, the client-partner’s 1st Party data utilization in sold campaigns increased by 90% and saved over $150,000 in 3rd Party data costs.

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