50% Profit Margins for Major Broadcaster in 12+ DMAs via White-label iSOCRATES Sales Support and Execution Services

Case Type: Digital sales strategy, support and campaign execution for a multi-market sales organization

Partner Type: One of the world’s leading premium multi-channel media networks

Challenge: Complement U.S. market affiliates’ broadcast and owned and operated website sales efforts with Email and Display Retargeting solutions’ strategy and execution to drive incremental sales revenue while providing end-to-end in-market sales force support.

Solution: iSOCRATES Managed Services’ comprehensive sales support and ongoing campaign management for national and regional media companies.

Approach: iSOCRATES developed and executed a phased plan to onboard and reach 100% support coverage across all identified affiliate markets in the U.S. The onboarding plan included an iSOCRATES team support structure, personnel training on Partner’s business and process workflow, and a transition strategy to manage the initial execution volume.

The team structure developed for Partner was designed specifically against its business needs to maximize selling effectiveness of Email and Display Retargeting solutions and ensure execution quality. iSOCRATES deployed a mix of experts in Account Management, MarTech, AdTech, and Creative Services to provide Partner strategic consultation and campaign execution. Prior to launch, iSOCRATES held multiple training sessions for its internal teams to brief on the Partner’s business, its goals and the process workflow that would govern execution of sold campaigns. The trainings covered a range of critical topics such as a review of campaign process map, contractual SLAs, campaign Key Performance Indicator expectations and quality assurance procedures.

iSOCRATES’ launch strategy focused on starting with a small percentage of campaign volume initially that would increase to 100% over a pre-determined time period. The goal was to ensure both the Partner’s and iSOCRATES’ teams could trial the execution process, address any process issues in real-time and mitigate any quality risks.

Results: iSOCRATES’ white-label sales support and execution services afforded Partner upto 50% profit margins on the managed solutions. iSOCRATES also efficiently and effectively completed its onboarding plan ramping to 100% of Partner’s campaign volume within 30-days while maintaining quality. Partner continues to benefit from a turnkey, scalable support structure that drives recurring sales revenue across 12+ DMAs.

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