B2B Customer Acquisition

Case Study: iSOCRATES worked with a graphic design company to target the right message to the right audience and contributed to a big increase in sales leads.

Partner Type:

B2B Marketer


Generate awareness and create sales leads for a highly unique and little-known production solution in the frenzied and highly competitive graphic communications industry.


Because the graphic communications industry is highly creative by nature it was critical to develop a piece that would get noticed, get opened and “hang around.” A customized door hanger was included to encourage consideration on how the potential customer could take better advantages of short-term business opportunities, remain cautious, and begin to strongly consider ways to leverage social media as a marketing and customer service channel.


Our client needed to deliver a personalized message to their customers, and include an offer that would intrigue prospects to respond and start a dialogue, for a total price of under $5.00 for each customers — from creation to delivery of the incentive by the sales rep. iSOCRATES created a comprehensive target list and then segmented it by user needs. Messaging was created to address the specific benefits this solution could provide for each unique user segment.


The messaging campaign was massively successful thanks to the segmentation of the user by needs. With data provided insight to the end reader of the message, our client was more effective in communicating the value of their product. In the end, 4% of the establishments contacted became leads – a tremendous number in their industry.

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