CPG Display Campaign Exceeds Performance KPIs by 40+%

Case Type: Develop campaign plan against defined KPIs, execute launch activities, measure performance and optimize to achieve partner objectives

Partner Type: Global CPG marketer with cosmetics, hair and skin care, sun protection and allergy product lines.

Challenge: Generate awareness among Canadians of Company’s allergy products during summer allergy season and drive consumers to Company’s website to educate them on product offerings and related benefits.

Solution: iSOCRATES Managed Services’ end-to-end development and ongoing management of MADTech Display campaigns

Approach: iSOCRATES developed a MADTech display campaign to deliver on the Company’s objectives and KPIs. The primary objective was to build campaign reach and awareness among English-speaking Canadians. Campaign click-through rate and display viewability goals were 0.17% and 40%, respectively.

The iSOCRATES Team’s approach was to execute two campaign waves: 1) Drive, build target audience reach; and 2) Re-target consumers who had visited Company’s website and continue optimizations from wave 1 learnings.

An additional strategy was to execute an A/B creative test to maximize campaign performance throughout waves 1 and 2. Three creatives were split evenly between people with general allergies, people with skin allergies, and people who are considered safety seekers.

Based on test results, iSOCRATES optimized the creative allocation and made other campaign adjustments to improve performance during the campaign.

Results: iSOCRATES’ display strategies and campaign optimization efforts drove a highly successful campaign outcome for the marketer. The campaign exceeded its click-through KPI by 12+% and delivered significantly above the campaign’s viewability target by 40+% for waves 1 and 2. The campaign also delivered upto 40% unique audience reach. iSOCRATES client-partner expects to renew the campaign and to apply learnings elsewhere.

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