Digital Publisher Increases Revenue 30+% with iSOCRATES

Case Type: Auditing of existing and potential monetization partners, develop monetization plan, identify and manage new monetization solution(s) for Publisher

Partner Type: Category-leading digital publisher

Challenge: How to increase digital revenue for a publisher with current monetization partners in place without diminishing the user experience or increasing the ad load.

Solution: iSOCRATES Managed Services’ end-to-end publisher monetization strategy development, execution and ongoing management to achieve partner objectives.

Approach: iSOCRATES provided the partner with the following:

  • Performed an audit of current monetization partners, to identify low performing sources
  • Researched alternatives to the client’s current monetization partners, taking into account advertising types, page load requirements and size of advertisements
  • iSOCRATES recommended multiple vendors to test within existing ad stack and new external ad placements
  • A+B tested the new monetization solutions against each other and the current monetization solution
  • Provided daily reports for the A+B test, making sure to include revenue, user interaction and page speed metrics
  • After a 30-day test iSOCRATES presented the monetization solution best suited to increase revenue without impacting user experience
  • Implemented the new monetization solution across the entire network
  • iSOCRATES acts as the point of contact for the new monetization solution, handling all upgrades, new technology and payments
  • Continue to provide partner with up to date reporting, including monthly meetings on the status of the current solutions and forecasts for the coming months. Suggest changes or optimizations as required

Results: Partner saw a 30+% uplift in revenue with new monetization solution with iSOCRATES management.

“iSOCRATES has been an important partner to me for many years” – Susan Miller (Founder,

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