Digital Publisher Leverages Speed-to-Insight to Improve Revenue 21%

Case Type: MSP Solution: MAdTechBITM

Partner Type: Publisher

Challenge: A leading ad-supported consumer digital publisher with many demand partners and a complex tech stack needed a way to unify its disparate data, create up-to-the-minute reporting and alerts, and focus on granular revenue, content and audience insights.

Solution: The publisher selected MAdTechBI for Publishers Standard Version initially, then upgraded to Gold Version to add expanded capabilities and access.

Approach: The MAdTechBI team went to work integrating data feeds (APIs and others) including: website analytics, direct sales, header bidder, PMP Deal IDs, SSPs, and its DMP. Then, the team designed and built custom dashboards, scorecards, and alerts to meet the client-partner’s specific needs. Finally, the team worked to optimize the system for the various stakeholders and help them to make MAdTechBI an integral 24/7/365 part of their work.

Results: The primary goal: realizing better monetization, and the secondary goal: creating an easier, faster way to gain control over data. After less than three months using MAdTechBI, this premium publisher has realized a 21% revenue increase, on the back of increases in impressions, fill rate, eCPM, and rCPM.

“That we could experience this kind of revenue increase with such a mature website, a 3x ROI in less than a year, and overall improved understanding and simplification of our systems is just amazing. Way to go iSOCRATES.”— General Manager, AZ.

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