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Case Study: iSOCRATES designed a desktop application to manage large quantities of direct mail for a small financial firm.

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Financial Services Agency


Our client needed a simple browser-based solution to manage a large quantity of small-run, variable print direct mail, which needed to be personalized for individual sales agents.


A custom port for our client’s marketing needs with minimal upfront costs enabled a streamlined process of ordering direct mail. A complete print-on-demand system, with no waste on print overruns or unused printed inventory.


iSOCRATES created a digital storefront as a fast and convenient way to generate variable direct mail or collateral, while housing all the client’s collateral in a centralized location online.

The client was able to access preloaded creative templates, personalize variable data fields, merge mail files, and consolidate mailings of like pieces for maximum postal discounts.

We provided targeting strategy and list creation, which would allows individual resellers the opportunity to run sophisticated acquisition and demand generation programs.


The custom digital storefront designed by iSOCRATES delivered significant operational efficiencies by streamlining the process and reducing waste associated with print overruns. It also enhanced the client’s marketing effectiveness by enabling personalized direct mail and sophisticated targeting strategies.

The end result created centralized control of creative assets and users for different roles or locations within the organization, making it ideal for multi-location sales and/or marketing teams. Other positives included delivering brand consistency and convenient online billing and invoicing options.

This innovative solution not only resulted in substantial cost savings, but also improved the reach and quality of the client’s marketing campaigns, thereby yielding a positive business impact. Overall, the browser-based application fulfilled the client’s unique marketing needs and exceeded their expectations.

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