Evangelism – Consumer Services

Case Study: iSOCRATES created a research program for an automotive company to determine the audience most likely to promote by word-of-mouth.

Partner Type:

Automotive Manufacturer


Our client, a luxury automotive manufacturer, aware of the fact that over 70% of consumers say that word-of-mouth is the most influential promotional medium, was looking to leverage the natural sharing behavior of its most enthusiastic owners.

Objectives included:

  • Identifying key characteristics of a customer evangelist
  • Testing promotional elements to find the most compelling messages
  • Developing powerful programs and strategies to effectively increase brand loyal and stimulate word of mouth


We discovered important identifying elements for our clients’ evangelists for their brand. This included social, economic and cultural characteristics that helped their business succeed in creating brand related events to further excite loyalty in existing and potential new customers.


Our approach was focused on pinpointing customer evangelists for the brand through surveys and targeted profiling. We conducted classification studies to identify responders by a variety of characteristics, and conjoint tests to understand what messages and offers sent to a customer would have the greatest likelihood to increase evangelist behavior.

Additionally, we designed a strategic map for each market segment to identity and inform marketing opportunities, and tested promotional elements to determine the messages that best resonated with the brand’s evangelists and motivated them to act.


iSOCRATES created a comprehensive pilot program to test research findings. We partnered with selected dealerships who agreed to run promotions to promote sharing behavior by the evangelists within their footprint.

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