Fast, Reliable & Frequent Data Onboarding for Agency and its Major Car Company client-partner

Case Type: Audience data onboarding

Partner Type:
Client-partner is a leading advertising agency with a major auto manufacturer client-partner requiring weekly audience data PII-to-non-PII data onboarding and segmentation.

Client-partner advertising campaign requires ongoing highly local demographic audience targeting across the United States on a weekly basis, so files need to be segmented and distributed for local media and marketing activation as quickly as possible. The iSOCRATES agency client-partner was given one week by their client-partner to receive the initial consumer data load, determine how to operationalize it for weekly updating and provisioning for activation purposes and actually complete the first delivery cycle error-free.

To address the challenge at hand, iSOCRATES worked closely with LiveRamp round the clock for an entire week and weekend to develop and deploy a solution that significantly reduced the average processing and injection time from 6 to 3 days.

iSOCRATES analyzed the input file format and identified opportunities to optimize it. By reducing the field count from 500 to 50 in a single file, iSOCRATES streamlined the data structure, making it more efficient for processing and segmentation.

To expedite the injection process, iSOCRATES made changes in the backend settings. Instead of manually activating each new audience folder, the iSOCRATES Data Management team set it to automatically start the injection process. This automation eliminated the need for manual intervention and accelerated the overall workflow.

To minimize delays, iSOCRATES proactively created the destination account and collaborated with the LiveRamp support team to ensure its activation in the backend. By having the destination account ready before uploading the data to the onboarder, iSOCRATES eliminated potential bottlenecks and streamlined the data transfer process.

Rather than sending all 12,000 segments to a single destination platform, iSOCRATES implemented a strategy to distribute the segments across multiple identical destination platforms. This approach increased efficiency and reduced the load on any single platform resulting in faster data distribution.

We needed a data partner to provide us with support in efficiently launching a complex display campaign. The campaign consists of managing 350,000 weekly records. Each week, the records must be ingested, segmented into 12,000 groups, and distributed to vendors within a 24-hour timeframe. After careful evaluation, we selected iSOCRATES, whose execution of data management has been flawless from Day One. They are an integral component in the campaign’s success. Amazing”

– iSOCRATES agency client-partner

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