Fortune 500 B2C Marketer Required MADTech Media and Marketing Assessment, Vendor Evaluation and Staff Training

Case Type: Digital media and marketing Assessment (including Resource Audit), Vendor Evaluation and staff MADTech training

Partner Type: North American C-level marketing leader at well-known global multi-billion dollar battery manufacturer

Challenge: The Marketer, part of a centralized, sophisticated marketing organization, was being sold to a global conglomerate offering no marketing, technology, or operations support to this incoming standalone business. The existing digital marketing and data infrastructure of the Marketer and its corporate parent would need to be studied, evaluated and replicated or replaced, including all vendor contracting in no more than 120 days. Additionally, the North American marketing staff needed specific MADTech media and marketing training.

Solution: After hearing of iSOCRATES’ subject matter expertise in MADTech, the Client-partner’s senior management team contracted for extensive transition support over several months and written and in-person all-day training.

Approach: After conducting interviews, current contract and existing internal and external operations reviews, the iSOCRATES Consulting team delivered a series of detailed written evaluations and recommendations of current and potential media and marketing resources, including numerous specific contract provisions. iSOCRATES prepared and delivered a custom all-day MADTech workshop for the North American marketing and marketing procurement team.

Results: Despite late notice in the divestiture process, this major consumer marketer was able to re-create and improve upon certain aspects of the digital media and marketing infrastructure of its global multi-brand parent, except as regards the scale economies available to its giant former owner. Importantly, the transition was done on-time and on-budget. As a result of the training managers received and media and marketing systems adopted, MADTech has become bigger than ever for this important brand marketer.

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