Global Institutional Investor Required Fast-Turnaround, But Thorough Due Diligence

Case Type: Institutional Investment Due Diligence

Partner Type: Global institutional multi-stage private equity/venture capital investment firm

Challenge: Late-stage growth capital investment due diligence

Solution: Partner needed a deep dive, yet short delivery window business and investment analysis of both a major advertising technology company (search retargeter) and its recent proprietary intent data-based marketing technology (SaaS) company acquisition.

Approach: Our personnel — same hour hired — began target and competitive document retrieval and review. Also, our personnel immediately began to schedule management, industry, customer, competitor, and former customer/associate/competitor interviews. Checking in with partner and target management team daily (including weekends), consultant delivered written and oral status updates and revised assignment punch list as needed. Specific effort was requested relating to current and prospective corporate and product strategy, competitive analysis, and valuations.

Results: iSOCRATES delivered final written report and oral readout with full Q&A to both the investment firm and, separately, to key limited partner with favorable result. Investment approved by investment firm.

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