Improve Your Media Campaign Performance with Landing Page Best Practices

Improve Your Media Campaign Performance with Landing Page Best Practices

Improve Your Media Campaign Performance with Landing Page Best Practices

By William A. Lederer, Chairman and CEO, iSOCRATES®

Your ad creative is compelling. You have a great offer that you know your audience will want to jump on. You targeted your media to the personas that have the highest affienity for your brand. You did it all right, but your campaign is not converting. What could possibly be wrong?

When converting customers through media, the ad is only the first stop on the Customer Journey. Where your customers land after clicking on the ad can be more important than the creative itself. The ad creates an expectation of what the user will find on the other side of the click. Creating a media-specific landing page is a the best practice to direct media traffic to versus sending a customer to your homepage which might not feature the Call to Action within your media. A media-specific landing page allows you to continually optimize the page without impacting the flow of the main site. It also allows for easier testing of the impact on conversion of updates to landing page content.

Your campaign landing page should easily direct consumers through your purchase or sign up funnel. You want to be sure you have optimized for a smooth user experience, with compelling product or service information, and limited steps to convert. At iSOCRATES, we follow the steps in this Landing Page Checklist to ensure our Partner’s conversion level is high.

Landing Page Best Practice Checklist

Make sure the Marketing Cloud Engagement matches the media creative.

  • Pricing or offer information must match media to avoid being blacklisted.
  • Include discount code if applicable.
  • Show the original price with discount for transparency.

Provide a clear description of product or service provided.

  • Utilize the most clear and concise explanation of the product or service. This can take the form

    • Video: 30 sec – 1 min. Keep the video brief to keep viewer attention
    • Infographic
    • Product image with description

Create an easy path to conversion with a strong Call to Action and user experience.

  • Provide a direct link to your CTA (Buy Now? Add to Cart? Join Now?) Drive the customer directly to the sale or sign up form.
  • Have a seamless UX. Make sure the number of steps in the funnel is small.
  • Focus on your call to action by removing menus which can distract the user from the funnel.

Answer the visitor’s questions about the product or service with compelling copy.

Keep the most important information above the fold.

  • The main CTAs should be included above the fold in the screen the user lands on. Any additional compelling product information can be lower on the page.

Include product or service testimonials.

  • Below the fold user reviews or brand testimonials or reviews
  • These can also be shown in a flyout link for easy access if there is value for your brand to have reviews above the fold.

Make sure Web Analytics/Conversion tracking in place prior to the program launch.

  • Do all pages include an analytics pixel?
  • Is GTM or campaign referral tracking active?
  • Are Conversion pixels set up for the landing page conversion funnel?
  • Ensure all page naming is unique to the page being viewed for easier tracking. This is also a valuable SEO element to be optimized for search engine indexing.

Be sure the media URLs are tagged.

  • Confirm the media click URLs include the tracking codes needed for referral tracking through your web analytics tool.
  • Test tracking prior to launch.

Need help optimizing your landing pages or have questions about best practices for your industry? Contact Us.

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