iSOCRATES Jump Starts New Sisense Customer’s Usage in Less than 3 Months

Case Type: Sisense Jumpstart Program

Partner Type: A leading provider of multichannel advertising and promotional solutions for local businesses through magazine publications and digital offerings.

Challenge: New Sisense customer needed direct support, assistance and training to expedite speed to value on their Sisense investment, and establish in-house capabilities for future management and development.

Solution: The Sisense Certified, iSOCRATES offers proven, dedicated and cost-effective implementation, optimization, training and consultation services for Sisense’s Jumpstart program. 

Approach: iSOCRATES used its partner onboarding framework to develop an engagement plan post SOW signature. The plan included key task areas covering the initial kickoff meeting with team introductions, a statement of work review, requirements gathering sessions, communication and meeting protocols and review of the Partner’s training needs. Weekly check-ins were scheduled throughout the 2.5-month engagement to ensure iSOCRATES was consistently meeting its Partner’s expectations.

iSOCRATES offered and executed on behalf of its Partner a comprehensive list of services to get them started with Sisense and establish a long-term ROI opportunity. Those implementation services included:

  • Modeling & Design – Focus on highest-value use case, guiding you through the process of defining, modeling, and designing your AI use case
  • Platform & Architecture – Setup of Sisense Platform. Focusing on your deployment health, combining enablement sessions and hands on work to achieve best performance and stability.
  • Embedding & Configuration – Guiding Partner in embedding, configuring, and automating Sisense
  • Development Consultancy – Address complex embedding techniques and requirements
  • The implementation also consists of a custom Style Guide, two custom dashboards, one Redshift data integration, and Sisense training.

    Results: iSOCRATES delivered significant value to their Partner during the 2.5-month Sisense Jumpstart program. iSOCRATES provided hands-on consultation to the Partner’s data engineering team throughout the development of the visualizations, the data integration work and the Sisense trainings, which were all provided for one inclusive, cost-effective fee. The experience enabled the Partner to manage and maximize their Sisense investment from the post program and beyond.

    “We received great value from iSOCRATES throughout the Sisense Jumpstart program. They provided thorough consultation and training that really empowered my Team and the organization to take advantage of Sisense’s capabilities in support of our future business goals.” (Partner, VP Product Management).

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