Major MarTech Provider Selects iSOCRATES for Media Trading Desk and DMP-as-a-Service Managed Service Platform

Case Type: Joint venture to leverage data management capabilities of iSOCRATES team of traders and DMP expert data scientists and related staff.

Partner Type: Global independent CRM and E-mail technology and marketing services provider

Challenge: Sophisticated marketing services firm with Global 2000 clientele sought domain expert partner capable of providing comprehensive, competitive white label MADTech data-driven media services.

Solution: iSOCRATES provides the partner with transparent Demand-Side and Supply-Side Managed Service including end-to-end media planning and execution of display trades on a forward or at-expiration basis buying and selling single or omnichannel MADTech and non-MADTech US and international advertising inventory.

iSOCRATES provides the partner and their partners on a white-label basis comprehensive audience data and analytics services including Data Management Platform support and custom modeling.

iSOCRATES also provides pre-sales marketing support, ad trafficking and serving, and continuous campaign reporting and analytics. The partner provides specific brand and direct response marketer demand in the form of insertion orders while ISOCRATES provides all needed expertise, technology, personnel and reporting on a favorable cost basis.

Approach: iSOCRATES linked the partner’s API-based systems into our multiple DSP/SSP seat configuration integrated with our iSOCRATES customized Salesforce Audience Studio (formerly known as Salesforce DMP) populated with over 5,000 proprietary audience targeting segments. Created and documented JV pre-pitch sales and marketing training and partner-facing materials. Developed customized Media Strategy/Media Planning and new Reporting and Analytics processes for the JV management team and partners.

Results: Consistently exceeds partner campaign goals with timely reporting while delivering above average profit margins. Generates detailed display and omnichannel proposals for many major prospects and partners resulting in millions in new partner revenue.

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