Multi-Platform Broadcaster Receives Transformative Audience Data and Analytics Strategy and Detailed Plan

Case Type: Tradigital Business Transformation-From Strategy Development and Plan through Board approval and implementation (ten-month engagement)

Partner Type: A leading publicly-traded U.S. multi-platform local/national broadcaster

Challenge: The Client-partner was facing mature growth and profit margins in its traditional channels and current markets. Increasingly, its consumer audience though highly engaged, prefers more personalized experiences and more relevant advertising. The business must keep pace with new technologies and marketer needs while delivering immediate and long-term growth and profits.

Solution: After learning of iSOCRATES’ transformational work elsewhere, the Client-Partner’s CEO and senior leadership team requested a 75-day Strategic Assessment including a current state needs/interests and capabilities audit. iSOCRATES delivered a highly detailed C/Board-level proposed future state tradigital Strategy blending current strategy and assets with dramatic new vision, capabilities and growth plan.

Approach: The iSOCRATES deliverables included presenting an array of alternative investments and a specific path to Plan Development and Execution based on the Strategic Assessment.

Results: The Strategy and related presentation was sufficiently well received by the CEO and his direct reports. iSOCRATES was asked to design and lead the multi-vendor RFP process necessary to enable the multi-year, eight figure Plan/Build Support “Consumer Hub” initiative. The company has committed to market tests and full roll out. This largely organic data-driven, multi-channel audience-based strategy is currently projected to add sufficient incremental revenue and profits to generate a 10x shareholder value return on the total project investment in just the first three years.

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