National Full-Service Agency Selects iSOCRATES to Provide DV360 Campaign Management

Case Type: Campaign Management, Managed Services

Partner Type: Agency holding company full-service national agency

Challenge:  Provide an expert-level campaign management team skilled in the use of Google’s DV360 MADTech DSP platform to manage display and YouTube campaigns. Develop a scalable resource model to accommodate the agency’s growth needs across industries and media channels

Solution: ISOCRATES’ Managed Services including highly-trained campaign managers and a U.S.-based Partner Success Manager to act as the primary liaison.

Approach: iSOCRATES used its partner onboarding framework to develop a customized launch plan. The plan included key task areas covering kickoff meetings with team introductions and review of partnership objectives, communication and meeting protocols, platform login credentials, live campaign management timing, and scheduled performance check-ins throughout the initial launch period to ensure ISOCRATES consistently met client-partner expectations.

iSOCRATES executed the agreed upon 90-day onboarding project plan. The launch plan began with limited volume campaign management to ensure processes between both parties were tested and improved prior to scaling. During this period, iSOCRATES developed an interim campaign pacing document to track delivery and KPI performance against goals.

This temporary pacing report and others were updated continuously and shared daily with the agency. They included: a performance data table, a daily performance summary, and recommended campaign optimizations to improve delivery and/or KPI performance for the agency’s end-client.

While this interim summary was used, the ISOCRATES Business Intelligence team–made up of a dedicated data engineer and business analyst–worked to fully integrate data and customize data visualizations derived from the client-partner’s DV360 activation platform and iSOCRATES’s own library of reports and alerts. Thus, the ISOCRATES MADTechBl platform could allow both the iSOCRATES team and the agency’s team to access automated campaign performance dashboards 24/7/365, replacing the temporary reports used at the outset.

Results: Pleased with ISOCRATES’ performance during the onboarding period, the agency expanded iSOCRATES’ responsibilities to include campaign management for their end-client’s third line of business, requests for strategic optimization recommendations to share with their client, and set-up responsibilities for new campaigns.
“ISOCRATES’ successful management of the initial assignment prompted us to extend the partnership to ISOCRATES handling other clients’ campaigns and digital channels.”- SVP. Media

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