Predictive Analytics – Financial

Case Study: iSOCRATES employed its predictive model expertise to help a bank’s telemarketing effort increase annual revenue by 1.8 million.

Partner Type:

Financial Services/Banking


Increase leads through a telemarketing program by supplementing it with data-driven information to better understand the person being contacted.


Two models were built to help increase leads of phone bank activity — Key predictors for contact model:

  • Legal status: corporation, partnership, etc.
  • Credit code: low risk, moderate risk, high risk
  • Customer penetration: percentage of customers by geographic groups
  • Market segment: 22 D&B demographic based classifications

Key predictors for conversion model:

  • Credit code
  • Contact likelihood (iSOCRATES-modeled variable)
  • Legal status
  • Market cluster

Conversion Model Lift: 50% of the attempted records represent 75% of the desired targets. The models provided a 28% improvement in referral rate and a 9% improvement in conversion.

Our approach included profiling Phone Bank and D&B data, and developing predictive models of that would maximize the telemarketers’ success. A pilot program was implemented to evaluate performance of models and provide further data. The final product was an ongoing scoring of telemarketers’ leads.


Our client saw a substantial increase in revenue and we enabled the telemarketers to have many more successful calls. We estimated a $1.8 million increase in annual revenue over 12 months as a result of our efforts.

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