Premium Publisher Outsources Monetization and Ad Operations, Doubles Revenue First Year

Case Type: Managed Service Platform with monetization revenue share

Partner Type: Leading Astrology publisher with 1.2M monthly unique visitors and an average of 40 million ad impressions per month, before becoming a customer of iSOCRATES’s Managed Service Platform.

Challenge: For over ten years, one experienced ad sales executive and a part-time ad operations person sold 40% to 50% of available Display ad impressions each month at CPMs of $0.40 – $0.80. Revenue was flat for years.

Solution: In June 2016, the CEO and Publisher ordered iSOCRATES’s Managed Service Platform, retaining the iSOCRATES team to manage all ad operations, including MADTech and non-MADTech monetization.

Approach: iSOCRATES assigned to a small, dedicated yield management, ad operations, and analytics support team responsibility for establishing a coherent and scaleable strategy and workplan to improve the quality of advertisers and their creative, ad inventory, eCPMs, rCPMs, fill rates, and overall net revenue. Starting with a series of technology platform and business partner choices, the iSOCRATES team systematically built and continuously optimizes all aspects of the tech stack, supply and demand, and various partnerships.

Results: Revenue improved by 2x within four months. The business grew up 23% in the following year and even more subsequently and presently.

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