Publisher Services Agency Uses MADTechBITM to Create Multi-Property Reporting

Case Type: Custom engineering of an existing SaaS visualization and unified reporting service

Partner Type: Agency supporting many different publishers’ ad inventory monetization, yield and data needs

Challenge: Convert a legacy reporting platform into a new partner-facing Google Ad Server reporting system to create new digital revenue streams in economically responsible ways that meaningfully increase the growth of digital revenue in a sustainable fashion.

Solution: Review and adopt the existing Google Ad Server reporting system then build, support, maintain, and document the new Google Ad Manger system.

Approach: Began by identifying, investigating, documenting, and managing all current functionalities, including: system architecture, Drupal framework and integration, solution code management and security, system modules and APIs, data collection, storage, schema, analysis, queries, and report generation, data QA, maintenance and management processes, report generation architecture, email system architecture, generation, scheduling and delivery, UI architecture, UI functioning training, use and management guide.

New product functionality includes, but is not limited to: UI, architecture, data systems, APIs, reports, and security.

Results: The iSOCRATES team successfully completed the full Knowledge Transfer from the in-house technology team. This allowed the Partner’s technology team to take on a number of new higher value initiatives while have reliable access to and maintenance of ongoing SaaS visualization and unified reporting service. Additionally, iSOCRATES set up and maintains data storage in the database with relations by using mysql schema for the partner to ensure the database is constantly monitored and updated. By leveraging detailed technical documentation authored by the iSOCRATES team consistent, on-going QA is accurately conducted for the partner on a regular schedule.

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