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Case Study: iSOCRATES created a sales ‘playbook’ to boost the sales productivity at a major company.

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Global Printing and Copy Product and Service Provide

A major laser printing and copy company needed to generate more sales from an underperforming sales team. The company, however, did not have the right insight into their own data. iSOCRATES was tasked with leveraging the data to increase sales.

We found that web tools and resources allow salespeople to pre-plan sales calls and reduced sales cycle significantly. This allowed sales reps and their managers to receive all information pertaining to territories ranked by probability to purchase, or to trade, plus alerts for retention threats, etc.

Industry overviews provide statistics, trends and communication strategies to gain traction and develop a relationship. The process has helped our client institutionalize and create sales best practices as well as a complete feedback loop to measure success.

iSOCRATES was able to capitalize on several years of knowledge mining work, which included analytic models for acquisition, cross-sell and retention. This was rapidly leveraged into pilot-mode for a personalized sales “playbook,” that identified qualified leads and combined them with winning sales strategies.

The Playbook reduced the learning curve for new sales representatives, making them more productive earlier in the cycle. Year one saw 300% new customer growth. This tool was a provided resource for all sales reps in North America and is still utilized, 5 years into the program, with a redesigned web interface, updated analytics, and access to all other sales materials within the corporate sales network.

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