Shopper Propensity Modeling for Leading Media Co Improves Ad Effectiveness and Efficiency

Case Type: Data Validation, Advanced Audience Segmentation, Shopper Propensity Modeling, Hands-on Data and Analytics Staff Augmentation and Execution

Partner Type: Top 10 Publicly-held, Global Multi-Platform Media Company

Challenge: Prepare and taxonomize 1st party historical consumer shopping data then develop advanced predictive audience shopper segmentation that will allow the client the ability to activate omnichannel at scale precision targeting and analytics specifically to maximize the impact of PROMOTIONAL marketing proven to influence shopper outcomes.

Solution: A Propensity-based Advanced Shopper Segment Proof of Concept for 5 different predictive shopper segments, a related hi-level Methodology document, and provide Case Study write-up and related marketing/training materials.

Approach: iSOCRATES developed and is testing and optimizing a value-added range of targetable North American shopper audience segments at scale that enable targeting and analysis of product categories, sub-categories or brands in support of specific client goals. All of these predictive and prescriptive-based segments derive from iSOCRATES proven ability to enhance client 1st, 2nd and 3rd party audience data.

    Results: Using iSOCRATES ETL tools and data science capabilities in advanced audience segmentation including propensity modeling helps client to achieve greater display and omnichannel marketing effectiveness and measurable efficiencies for its marketer and agency clients while building far client greater differentiation and improved profit margins on a sustainable basis. Client expects to be able to deliver key new iSOCRATES-generated client benefits at the same or higher prices at scale achieving its own significant data-enhanced media revenue gains.

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