iSOCRATES provides Sisense Embedded Implementation and Enterprise Training for Fortune 500 Global Real Estate Services Firm

Case Study: Sisense deep Customization and Enterprise Training for Global Real Estate Services Firm

Partner Type:
Our Client-Partner provides real-time performance metrics on property performance to create transparency among its executive owners across a variety of industries and asset classes.

Implement a single fiscal quarter’s worth of customizations and enterprise training for their development teams and senior management as part of an embedded feature in their property management software.

iSOCRATES’ Business Intelligence and Data Science managed services solution led by its team of Sisense-Certified data professionals. The team offers proven, dedicated and cost-effective Sisense data modeling and data visualization training programs, which can be tailored to meet the client-partner’s objectives.

In this case, iSOCRATES’ customized solution was to train a Fortune 500 data science team on advanced Sisense customization and maintenance capabilities. Successful completion of the program would enable the client-partner to visualize a variety of metrics around occupancy rates, cap rates, debt ratio, and other financial variables for their customers, along with offering enterprise security solutions through SSO implementation and row level security best practices.

iSOCRATES met with key stakeholders pre-SOW signature to validate project scope and discuss the high-level logistics of the assignment. Upon SOW execution, both teams reviewed and refined the project scope to meet the tight deadline required. The kickoff plan included an initial meeting with introductions, a review of the product team’s backlog, immediately getting access to client data sources and platforms, and beginning to prioritize items from advanced javascript development to basic visualization.

The iSOCRATES team then established shared communication channels to manage development status on an item-by-item basis, escalation pipelines to both internal and vendor engineers, and weekly office hours for Client-Partner engineers to work through problems with our SMEs.

The iSOCRATES team collaborated with the Client-Partner development teams in agile ceremonies on top of the established Q&A sessions and communications throughout the development process. iSOCRATES’ approach also included status check-ins with Client-Partner senior leadership throughout the engagement to identify and address any delivery gaps to ensure a successful outcome.

iSOCRATES delivered comprehensive and actionable customization and enterprise level training to scale up and support an embedded analytics initiative on an accelerated timeline to meet its Client-Partner go-to-market launch schedule for key feature releases. iSOCRATES provided hours of Sisense subject matter expertise to scale Client-Partner engineers from beginner to expert level in just under two-months. iSOCRATES development team supported the Client-Partner to develop an MVP and enable them to execute its product scale plan to thousands of users the next quarter.

Partner’s feedback post iSOCRATES engagement:
“You guys have been amazing partners – thanks for everything you have been doing to enable our team and to deliver this product.”
— Head of Data Science & Project Stakeholder, Fortune 500 Global Real Estate Services Firm

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