The Agile Marketer’s Toolkit: Hybrid In-Housing

The Agile Marketers Toolkit

The Agile Marketer’s Toolkit: Hybrid In-Housing

By William A. Lederer, Chairman and CEO, iSOCRATES®

Today’s marketing landscape demands a revolution. Forget the slow waltz of traditional agencies and the frustrating tango of rigid outsourcing. Enter the Agile Marketer, the master strategist who thrives at the crossroads of control and agility, managing a hybrid, distributed team that delivers tangible results.

82% of ANA members already have an in-house agency. The Agile Marketer is not just a role, it’s a competitive advantage.

The Proof is in the Performance

The biggest organizations and agencies are embracing the power of hybrid in-housing for its significant benefits in a disruptive era.

  • Cost Savings: 83% of multinational organizations report cost efficiency as the main motivation for adopting hybrid models. Nestlé, for instance, saved millions by building an in-house data and media powerhouse
  • Agility: 66% of major multinationals now have in-house agencies, demonstrating the need for nimble, adaptable teams. JPMorgan Chase’s “Inner Circle” handles $5 billion in ad spend with the agility of in-house expertise and the firepower of external partners
  • Control: 90% of companies with in-house agencies still work with external partners, proving the hybrid model is about enhanced control, not isolation. Vodafone’s in-house bid team ensures budget optimization while leveraging agencies for creative ideation
The Best of Both Worlds

To keep pace in a tech-driven landscape, agencies, marketers and organizations are increasingly turning to strategic outsourcing of specific MADTech services, while bringing a few functions in-house, reaping both profits and scalability benefits.

Outsourcing non-core functions like biddable media trading, ad operations, and data onboarding liberates agencies from hefty infrastructure investments and personnel overhead, while getting access to a global pool of specialists.

Some marketers and agencies want to build in-house programmatic muscle. Better data insights, consistent measurement across channels, and streamlined vendor management are critical needs. The industry leans on familiar tools like ad servers, fraud protection, and DMPs. Digital and search data are king, while first-party resources like credit cards remain underutilized. This is where in-house programmatic shines – crafting a differentiated offering through internal control and deeper data insights.

By shedding non-core burdens, agencies and marketers can focus on their strategic expertise: brand storytelling, creative ideation, and client relationship management. This honed focus breeds more impactful campaigns and deeper client partnerships, solidifying their competitive edge.

Hybrid In-Housing: A Spectrum of Options

For CMOs, “in-house/outsource” isn’t a binary switch, it’s a kaleidoscope of options. What works for one brand might look entirely different for another. Here’s what the spectrum looks like

  • Hands-on with agency partners: Some CMOs prefer their agencies with “keyboards at the ready,” collaborating closely on campaign details within the agency’s setup. This offers control and collaboration without the infrastructure burden
  • Full stack under one roof: On the other end, some crave ultimate autonomy. Building their own DMP, DSP, and staff team grants granular control and deep data insights, but requires significant investment and expertise
  • Hybrid mix and match: Most, however, find the sweet spot somewhere in between. Contracting with technology providers allows them to build a custom toolkit, with essential elements like data management and campaign execution handled in-house, while other segments are outsourced

Ultimately, the ideal in-house model depends on a brand’s resources, needs, and risk appetite.

The Agile Marketer’s Playbook

Cultivating an impactful and cohesive marketing strategy demands a blend of in-house prowess and strategic collaborations.

1. Internal Synergy: Empower your brand experts. Gain profound insights into customer behavior, data analytics, and market intricacies. Adapt marketing strategies swiftly to maintain brand coherence and regional resonance in real-time.

2. External Collaborations: Access a worldwide network of expertise. Harness the power of offshore teams specialized in MarTech, AdTech, and data analytics for efficient expansion and niche skill sets.

3. Integrated Fusion: With iSOCRATES, you can seamlessly amalgamate in-house control and outsourced capabilities. Drive strategic decisions, take charge of your data and brand narrative, and foster collaborative partnerships for unified and impactful marketing.

The Future of Marketing is Hybrid

iSOCRATES with its deep Marketing and Ad industry background and global bench of data and technology talent, has built the data roadmap for agencies and organizations for over a decade. We have built the data analytics, digital campaigns and media buying engines for industry-leading MarTech, Ad Tech and Data Tech organizations to help them scale with client and customer demands.

For a deep dive into the strategic world of Hybrid In-Housing, download our comprehensive white paper which offers practical strategies and real-world examples to help you lead the marketing revolution. Learn how the world’s biggest multinational organizations are mastering agility with hybrid models of working with distributed and in-house teams to race ahead of the competition, while gaining control over their data and brand.

Download The iSOCRATES Guide to Hybrid In-Housing to learn more about this smart approach 21st century organizations are leveraging to unlock value across their organizations.

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