Traditional 1st Party Data Provider Needed
Digital Transformation

Case Type: Corporate and Business Development Strategy and Playbook

Partner Type: Major privately-held offline proprietary B2B and B2C data provider

Challenge: With marketers migrating to digital and multi-channel targeting solutions from traditional efforts, the client-partner needed to assess the market opportunity, build a strategy, budget, and develop an action plan.

Solution: We approached the challenge from both a product-market perspective and a corporate cultural point of view. While the need for and process of Data Onboarding (converting mailing address/telephone/email to cookies/audience, IP addresses, and device IDs) was clear and market demand abundant, due to existing revenue-generating relationships and budgetary constraints the Monetization strategy and staffing plan required more effort.

Approach: The team conducted extensive market, product, and technology assessment (including primary research) and financial viability analysis to evaluate the partner’s relevant capabilities and limitations. A written plan and oral readout emphasizing direct and channel partner-led sales was delivered to a satisfied partner.

Results: Motivated by a desire for continued growth and entry into new markets including MADTech media and retargeting, partner moved forward on this multi-million dollar digital initiative.

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