Why Select MADTechAI Instead of General Artificial Intelligence?

Why Select MADTechAI Instead of General Artificial Intelligence?

By William A. Lederer, Chairman and CEO, iSOCRATES®

While there are artificial intelligence products for nearly any industry, MADTechAI tools solve unique problems and provide specific benefits and features to the various stakeholders in the marketing and digital publishing world. Here’s an overview of why MarTech and AdTech-focused AI platforms are so much better than traditional AI for media and marketing professionals.

Why Traditional AI Doesn’t Work for Media and Marketing Folks

First, it’s important to understand why traditional AI is ineffective for marketers, agencies, publishers, MarTech, and AdTech enablers:

  • Traditional AI relies on training and skillsets that stakeholders often don’t have, such as SQL coding
  • Marketing data is highly complex, requiring data wrangling, which is a time-intensive process
  • Today’s marketing involves dozens, if not hundreds, of solutions and platforms, which traditional AI tools can’t necessarily handle or integrate
  • Marketers and publishers run campaigns that require constant optimization and deep, but easy-to-understand visualizations; AI tools aren’t built for these needs
  • Most AI tools don’t have the alert systems and capabilities that marketers need to react quickly enough
What MADTechAI Offers

MADTechAI can handle the above needs while providing other unique advantages:

  • Easy-to-use, simple, and requires less training
  • Connects and harmonizes data from numerous sources
  • High level of automation, such as automatically alerting media partners and adjusting media bids
  • On some tools, AI analyzes data, allowing you to focus on insights alone
  • Rich visuals and storytelling dashboards to present everything from revenue and sales data to ad performance, giving you broad ROI metrics
    Why Google & Microsoft Tools Won’t Cut It

    Some businesses use Excel or Google Sheets or Google Data Studio to track, monitor, and analyze their data. While these options can technically be utilized for artificial intelligence, you’ll need to build almost everything from scratch and have limited enterprise-grade, multi-user functionality. MADTechAI tools, on the other hand, are designed with specific use cases in mind, making them far more effective and time-efficient for marketers, publishers, agencies, and AdTech enablers.

    If you’re interested in learning more about MADTechAI and how to choose the right platform for your needs, download our latest whitepaper.

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